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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Night Before Our New House

I still can't believe this is happening. Tomorrow we are buying a new house and moving to a new town and starting a new life for our family!!! Holy cow. I have dreamed about this day for years, and it's just a few hours away.

These past couple of months have been crazy -- between getting ready for the move and an insanely busy schedule at work, I am really looking forward to the next five days! Packing is going to seem like a breeze compared to all the late night work I've been doing!

But speaking of work, this morning I received an email from the president of our company, asking me to drop by his office. In the two and a half years I've worked at this company, he's never asked me to report to his office. So clearly, I assumed the worst and figured I was in trouble. So I told him I'd be right up and quickly climbed the stairs to his office. I was about to sit down when he handed me something and said, "Why don't you put that in your pocket." I looked down and he was giving me two $100 bills! Then he told me it was a bonus for all the hard work I've been doing and that it was on the recommendation of one of my bosses. Whoohooo! Isn't that awesome?! I really appreciate working for a company that acknowledges hard work and going above and beyond. Hooray for my company! And hooray for me! Now I have some spending money to buy new stuff for the house! I'm thinking things for the yard -- new plants, maybe some yard art, that kind of thing. I'll definitely spend the money locally to support our new community.

Well, tomorrow is not only closing day on the new house, but also the last day for Violet at her daycare. She's been at Lil Scholars since she was 3 months old. They took on Bo when he was 2, after he'd been booted out of two daycares. The director and assistant director are amazing women. So many of the teachers have been amazing. I've always felt so confident and trusting of the entire staff. It's going to be hard to say goodbye after more than 4 years with them. Tonight I ordered a bunch of pizzas and pop for the staff's lunch tomorrow -- just a little thank you for all their hard work, patience and love for all my children. Thanks Lil Scholars! We'll miss you!! 

Whew, I guess that's about it. I think I should get to bed. The next five days are going to be crazy!!! I'll write again once our Internet is hooked up and I unpack my computer and find a place to sit. Until then, have a great week everybody!

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  1. I would have made a post like this after my closing because so many things could go wrong in those last hours. We arrived to closing all excited, only to find the bank was in the middle of an outage and it caused us to have to sleep at a friend’s house from Friday until Monday when we closed again for good.

    Mattie @ Buyer's Corner Realty