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Monday, May 30, 2016

Packing Boxes, Sunscreen and Last Times

One week from today, we'll be in our new house. We'll have had five days of moving and unpacking, and by this time, we should be somewhat settled in. Violet will be asleep in her new bed, on her new mattress, in her new princess room. We'll be telling Bo to go to his new dinosaur room with his new bed and mattress. And Mazy will be sitting in our new living room, trying to talk us into "just 10 more minutes" until he goes to his new travel/alien bedroom, also with a new bed and mattress.

The next seven days are going to be crazy!!

We spent this weekend packing. Believe it or not, we're nearly finished... I know, it's strange to think we are ahead of schedule on this. Fortunately, we did most of our packing months and months ago, when we first got the house ready to sell last spring.

These kids are in for such a surprise -- not only are they getting all new bedroom furniture, and for the first time in their lives, their own bedrooms -- they have so many toys and books they haven't seen in over a year! It will be like Christmas morning each time they open a box!

In preparation for the crazy week ahead, we bought a bunch of lunch meat, cheese, fresh fruit and small bags of chips -- no more cooking in this house! We've packed up a lot of the kitchen, and we'll finish it up tomorrow night.

I think everyone in the family is a little nervous and stressed out with the move. Tempers are running hot and children are acting up (more than usual). Especially little Miss Violet. I feel bad for her -- she has the most change coming next week. She is the only one who is truly "moving" to Nevada next Friday. The rest of us are continuing with our normal jobs and the boys will continue to go to Des Moines to school for another month, but Violet will have her last day at her daycare on Thursday. It's the only daycare she's ever known -- they've had her since she was 3 months old and they've been amazing with her. She has lots of friends she's grown up with, and she is definitely going to miss them.

But, all in all, we are very excited to move and I think we are looking forward to spending time together to design and decorate our new home. And once we get everything moved inside, Bo and Violet are going to help me plant a small vegetable garden and some flowers so we can begin to enjoy our new yard.

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