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Monday, May 9, 2016

One Month Countdown Is On!

One month from today, we will be in our new house! Well, Shawn and the kids will be in the new house. I will be in a hotel in Fargo, ND.... But more on that later.

We've been crazy working on projects to get our current house ready for the market. Last weekend, Shawn and his sister painted our garage trim. Violet and Bo helped me plant a few pots of flowers. We put several bags of mulch down where the playhouse used to be, and moved our picnic table there. The yard is beginning to look pretty good!

Since we packed up so much stuff several months ago, we don't really have a lot to do until closer to the move date. Which is a good thing. We're busy! Birthday parties. Flag football on Sunday afternoons. Shopping. Planning. Scheduling. Ordering. Signing up. And then all the school and daycare prep... Man, it's a lot of paperwork and time to get kids ready for new schools. Tomorrow night we have preschool preview for Violet. Wednesday the boys and Shawn are touring their new schools. We're still trying to find a daycare for Violet -- there aren't a lot of choices in Nevada and the one I called said they didn't think they had openings... And then there's figuring out what to do with the boys all summer -- they don't want to go to the after-school program, and I don't blame them, but they can't stay home alone either. So we've got to figure out a lot of stuff. But it's all great!

We're all so excited about the move! I tried to take a week off work so I could enjoy the new house and getting it all set up. But unfortunately there's another trip to Fargo that they really want me to go on so I won't get quite as much time off as I'd have liked, but it will be OK. It will be fun to take time off later in the summer, too.

Before I go find paperwork for Violet's school registration, I wanted to talk about Mother's Day and what a great day it was! Shawn and the kids surprised me with breakfast in bed -- the first time I've ever gotten breakfast in bed! It was delicious, and Violet was so cute helping carry it up. All the kids made me awesome cards with the sweetest messages. Then we spent the afternoon in Ankeny watching the boys football games. The sun was shining when we left, but it soon grew cloudy and really cold! We were bundled up in all the blankets we could find in the van. My mom came to the games so I packed a special picnic for us -- fancy cheese, little pickles, olives, bread, fresh fruit and a rice pudding dessert for her. The only thing missing was the wine! Between games, we were so cold that we ran out for a coffee. Bo threw a touchdown and his team won 28-0. And Mazy ran a touchdown and the extra points, but they lost.... Too bad. Mazy gets so into the games and he always seems to play on teams that have a lot of heart but just can't quite pull off a win. And Bo always seems to get placed on the all-star teams who dominate over everyone! Oh well, that's how it goes.

Well, Shawn just turned on Game of Thrones and I don't want to miss it! Have a great week, everyone!

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