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Introduction: this page is entirely written by 7-year-old Mazian, future foodie (it is typed by his mother, but the words are all his own)

One Day in May
May 5, 2012

Today I went to the Farmers Market. It's a big place where you go and pick out foods and other things. Well, when we first went there we were looking for a parking space. We looked everywhere, but it was all occupied almost everywhere. So we went to a parking garage, we had to go up to floor number four and then go down all the stairs. Then we finally got to the spot where we wanted to be.

First I saw egg rolls. I thought it was awesome so I went over with my grandma and I got two egg rolls (one for me) and two crab rangoons (one for me). I ate the crab rangoon because it wasn't hot, the egg roll had just been baked and was really hot and I didn't want to burn my tongue.

The crab rangoon has mushed up crabs inside. It didn't taste like crabs at all to me. It tasted like cream cheese and crab. It was crispy and crunchy on the outside. There was an unusual meat inside the egg rolls, it tasted like no other meat. I'm not sure what it was because I didn't get a closer look. They were great. The outside was crispy and crunchy, too. There was meat and vegetables inside and the crispiness and crunchiness and everything mixed together was good.

My younger brother said he didn't want anything to eat. Then I said, "Hey look! There's mini doughnuts!" And then he started acting all crazy like a monkey. He did that because he really loves doughnuts and we got them the last time we were there. Then we saw a refreshment stand and he got apple juice and I got orange juice. I love orange juice.

The doughnuts tasted crispy and sweet and more crispier and sweeter inside. They were really small doughnuts, about the size of the tip of your thumb.

I also saw this stand and it had wheat grass juice. I was like, "Oh gosh. I better get that. But I'm not sure it's going to taste good." So I tasted it.

 I wanted to spit it back into the cup because it tasted like grass itself except it was all mushed up. I have to admit it tasted pretty good too. Well, it was pretty sour so I like sour drinks so that's why I liked it. They gave me an orange to eat after it. Then it tasted a little sweeter. I think I'll get it again. Maybe. But maybe even a smaller sample. We also saw people drinking whole cups of it!

Then we went to an Indian stand. It was called Saloo's India. I got a samosa -- it's a crispy breading and meat and vegetables inside. It tasted really good. I really liked it because of those ingredients mixed together. The lady fries the food on a frying pan and turns them over. When they come out they taste great.

We went to a brick wall next. We sat on it and ate our things. Bo was adventurous enough to try a bite of my samosa.

Then we went to a tart place. We got some fruit on a stick -- they tasted good. I got pineapple and strawberry because that was the only choice I had. I didn't really like eating on a stick -- it poked my lips and hurts a little.
 Bo ate his like a corn on a cob.

Then Keesia went over to the breakfast pizza stand, Something Italian. There was like 20 people there so she had to wait a long time. So me and Bo jumped over puddles. Bo fell in them a little bit. I like going to the pizza place because it's our tradition to go there. Almost all the time we get to go to it and we really like to have their breakfast pizza. It's so good because it has bacon on it, and French bacon ("Is that right?") Oh no, CANADIAN bacon and cheese. And that's all.

Market Review: Thumbs Up!!!!!!!
You should go to the farmers market in Des Moines, Iowa, not far from the Capitol. It's open every Saturday from 7 a.m. to noon. You could shop for vegetables, fruits, but you shouldn't because they don't have fruits right now. You could go to the breakfast pizza stand, but you have to wait awhile! Next time I will try more adventurous foods at the farmers market.

Billy Is a Buzzard
March 29, 2012
After school, Bo, I and Keesia went to a big bridge that is kind of shaped in a loop. It was kind of creepy if you looked down because you were like 25 feet up above the Des Moines River.

Then after that we got into the van and drove off to Buzzard  Billy's, we thought it wasn't packed, but it was packed a whole bunch and there weren't any parking spaces. And then a car moved out but another car took that space and we had to drive in circles and circles around Buzzard Billy's. When one woman finally moved out, we got the chance to get in. And the door was very, very far away from our parking spot. But I was still happy. Until I went inside and we had to wait. But I played on Shawn's phone and Grandma Katy was there, too. We waited for an hour and I spent most of my time on the phone.

And when we were about to just leave, BUZZZZZZ!!! Our table detector buzzed and that's how we knew when we were free to find a table. I got there and it was a BIG table, HUGE actually.But it was fine. It had steps on it because it was so high. The show, Big Bang Theory, was on -- the brand new episode. It had STAR TREK.

And then our appetizers came. It was breaded crayfish with some sort of sauce and breaded alligator with another type of sauce. The outside tasted crispy and crunchy. It was kind of tasting like a potato. The inside of the crayfish kind of tasted like a shrimp, and it also looked like a shrimp too. The sauce was spicy and it was kind of textury -- the colors were strange but it tasted good. The alligator's outside tasted the same, too. The inside tasted like normal meat. And the sauce was watery and it tasted kind of like salad dressing. It tasted GOOOODDDD.
 Breaded crawfish appetizer

 Breaded gator appetizer

I decided what I ordered because it had a variety of food and also because it sounded very good. I ordered Crayfish Combo. It might sound strange, but it had hush puppies, which are awesome, and breaded crayfish and some rice, lots of rice, and crayfish etouffee. Crayfish etouffee is kind of like a sauce except it's kind of like beans. It looks like beans but tastes like fish. It was kind of spicy and sweet at the same time. It's a flavor I've never had before. It tasted good and strange at the same time. The hush puppies, on the other hand, tasted delicious! The outside tasted like a corndog and the inside tasted like sweetness combined with sweet potatoes and muffins. And the rice, however, tasted great and it had some green onions in it and other stuff. It tasted like fried rice -- textury and sweet and kind of crunchy. And then the breaded crayfish, as I told you from my appetizer. I drank the rest of my drink, which was Diet Coke, as usual.

 Eating a hush puppy

 The end of our meal

We got our check. We got out of the table. I snuck two mints with nobody knowing because I really love mints. We got into the van. We drove home. And by the time we got home it was 8:20 OR SOMETHING!!!!

Restaurant Rating: Thumbs Down for the time we got to our table, but Thumbs Up for the Food!
You should go to Buzzard Billy's. It is brand new, right by Barratta's, Allplay and Forte. You should also try for appetizers the breaded crayfish and alligator. Make sure to get there early or else you will be cursed by a thousand-minute wait.

Bells vs. Tacos
March 23, 2012
On Friday I went to Taco Bell in Ames, Iowa. I got the Nachos Supreme and Dr. Pepper for a drink. I tried the Nachos Supreme -- it was good. It was delicious. It tasted like cheese, avocado, meat and beans and tortilla chips and tomatoes. It looked kind of like a taco that wasn't in a shell, but tasted great. All the interesting flavors mixed together tasted great. It tasted crispy and like there were lots of vegetables in it. The colors were pretty. That's why I liked it so much, because remember I told you that the colors of the food make the food better. The pop tasted like cherry and coke mixed together.

I went to Taco Bell because we were having a late start. We were originally going somewhere else but the time was so late that we had to just pick between that place and Taco Bell, and Taco Bell was the choice. It's one of my favorite restaurants. This is the first time I ever got nachos at Taco Bell so that's why I picked them. I wanted to eat something new.

That kind of food isn't that good for you but it's really good. It's OK to have every once in awhile, but it's not OK to have it like the guy in Super Size Me movie. I want to see that movie sometime. I want to see what that guy eats all the time. He goes to McDonald's for a month and that's all he eats. And I want to figure out what he eats there at McDonald's and what the effects will be on him.

Do you have any suggestions for where I should go to next? I'm looking for a place with dumplings and pupusas. I'm looking for the best sandwiches and I know one place I could look -- it's either Arby's or Hardee's. It will probably be Hardee's.

Restaurant Rating: Thumbs Up again!
You should go to Taco Bell anywhere, it doesn't have to be in Ames, Iowa, it can be in Des Moines or wherever they have it. Make sure to try the Nachos Supreme. Be thinking what my next review will be about. Bye!

Korean Foods Are Interesting
March 20, 2012
Today I went to The Scallion Korean restaurant in Ames, Iowa. The restaurant was a street restaurant, not very fancy. But when you go inside it is very fancy -- it's clean, it's colorful and small. We both ordered the bi bim bop.
Bi bim bop is a mix of rice, vegetables and meat. Sometimes it has sauce in it. The sauce makes it very good. It was in a very hot bowl -- I couldn't touch it because it was super hot. I touched it once and it burnt my hands. The rice goes in on the bottom, the vegetables go next. There was zucchini, seaweed, carrots, bean sprouts. And then pork. That was the only kind of meat. And then an egg goes on top. It wasn't scrambled, it was like the white on the outside and yellow on the in part. You're supposed to stir it up so you don't have to take big bite. I tried the spicy red sauce. I didn't like it because it kind of tasted bitter and hot, and the flavor I didn't like. The bi bim bop was good. It was so colorful and it was a mix of funky flavors and that's why it was great.
We also got dumplings. The dumplings came with soy sauce. The dumplings had a wonton wrapper. A wonton wrapper is like a crunchy kind of good food. It was fried to make it crunchy. They put vegetables and meat inside the wonton. They tasted great with the soy sauce on them. Four came in the order. They were big. I ate three and Shawn ate one.

Restaurant rating: Thumbs Up!
You should go to Ames, Iowa, to The Scallion and try the bi bim bop and the dumplings.

Stars Don't Have Bucks on Them
March 19, 2012
Today for lunch I went to Starbucks. It is not the coffee Starbucks; it is a restaurant Starbucks that has been around for 35 years in Nevada, Iowa. We went in and found our table. We waited for our food. We got cheeseballs, chili cheese fries and a bacon cheeseburger for me.

The first time I ever had chili cheese fries was last year at Adventureland. It was a day when it was raining. We went to the place where they serve food. My cousins Kael and Theron were there. Me and Kael saw the picture of them and we wanted it, so we ordered them. It was waffle fries with chili and nacho cheese on them. Me and Kael ate them in no time. They were delicious. So then that tells you how they tasted at Starbucks, too. They were thin fries at Starbucks and shredded cheddar instead of nacho cheese. I like both of them. I can't make up my mind which is best.

I tried the cheeseballs. They were breaded on the outside and cheesy on the inside. They were good. Theron has had them before so she knows what they taste like. I had a bacon cheeseburger. It tasted like a normal cheeseburger with ketchup and mustard, except it had bacon on it. It tasted great! I've had them before, like at the food festival in Des Moines, Iowa. And I also got one at Americana restaurant, which is in the restaurant reviews, too.

My drink was Diet Mountain Dew. It isn't that good for you, but it tastes good. But you can only have it once in awhile. After I ate my food I got an ice cream swirl, with chocolate and vanilla, with a cone, too. The ice cream was delicious. And then after that we left.
 It is my spring break this week. So that's why I was up in Nevada with my grandma, my grandpa and Shawn. Tomorrow I'm going to a Korean restaurant!

Restaurant rating: Thumbs Up!
You should go to Nevada, Iowa, and eat at Starbucks. Get the ice cream twist cone -- any kind you like because they taste great and the swirls always taste like a new flavor. See you next time on my next restaurant reviews!

Culminating Event Lunch
March 8, 2012
Today I had my culminating event. I did great. A culminating event is where I share a project from the subject I was learning about. And it was about restaurants. My project was how the CNC makes chili. (CNC) is short for Central Nutrition Center.

After that my mom and dad and me went out to a restaurant. We went to Abelardo's Mexican food restaurant. It looked small and interesting. When I walked in, we went up to the place where they serve you their food. I picked two burritos and Mexican fried rice. And for a drink I picked some Mexican pop, Tamarindo. A tamarind is a fruit. Then I picked out a table and took the pop there. The pop tasted interesting. It tasted like dried fruit and melon. But I really didn't like it and that was OK. I ended up giving it to Keesia and she traded her lemonade with me.
 Tamarindo Mexican drink

We waited for 10 minutes or so and then we saw our food. We went over to the table where they serve the food and got it.

And then we went to the salsa bar. I picked out two kinds of salsa. Shawn got avocado salsa. It looked like gooey sauce but it was really good.

At first I ate my fried rice. It tasted really good because you know how much I like fried rice because on my first restaurant review I also got fried rice. Next I ate my humongous burrito! It was almost as big as my plate. There were two of them! I ate one of them. It tasted cheesy, meaty and salsa-y and crispy because of the tortilla. The tortillas were big! Keesia's was bigger than her plate, literally. The tortillas tasted good also.

Then it was getting pretty late and I had to get back to school fast. And I got back there just in time! The end.

Restaurant rating:  Thumbs Up!
You should go to the restaurant called Abelardo's. It is near Central Campus in Des Moines, Iowa. You should try their burrito, fried rice and beans. It is great!

Good Times
February 25, 2012
Today we went to Quinton's Deli and Bar in the East Village in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. The Iowa Capitol is near the East Village. I wanted to eat at a sushi place but it was closed. We originally wanted to eat at The Latin King, but it was also closed. So we chose Quinton's Deli and Bar.

Grandma Katy, me, Bo, Keesia and Shawn were there. The first thing we ate was chips and salsa. I wasn't a really big fan of them but I was still really hungry so I ate a lot. I didn't like it because the salsa wasn't good enough for me and I didn't like the chips because they were just normal chips. I originally wanted hotwings for lunch but then I saw this gigantic sandwich and I said, "Oh yeah, I want this." So Grandma Katy offered to buy hotwings for another appetizer instead. The hotwings were very spicy. The breading was very delicious. And I liked the meat inside.

My sandwich was big!! And it was so big that it had to have toothpicks to hold it together! It was a club sandwich, they have lots of kinds of stuff in them. I can't remember everything in mine because there was so much stuff -- like lettuce, tomatoes, meat, bacon, mayo. The sandwich tasted great! I ate only one-half. It came with chips, and I ordered the spicy chips. I also ate some french fries. And then everybody was getting full so we left eventually. Oh, my drink was Diet Coke. Again.


The restaurant food took so long that I was about to say to give it a thumb's down! But then I tasted the food and I was like, "This has gotta be a thumb's up!" I was so hungry that day I ate hotwings, tortilla chips, spicy chips and half of my sandwich. I ate the rest the next day. And that's all.

Restaurant Rating: Thumbs Up
You should go to Quinton's in the East Village, Des Moines, Iowa, and beware, the food takes so long you might want to leave. I gave it a thumb's up because of how the food tasted. And that's all folks!

Fishes in the Tank
February 18, 2012
I went to Fuji Japanese restaurant in Ames, Iowa. I saw a fake whale skeleton and a fountain. We found our table. The table had a cooking stove and tools that helped you cook. The chef did the cooking at our table -- I thought it was pretty cool.

I also liked it because there was a fish tank and they gave me a hat for my head. It was a cooking hat like the chefs wore.

I ordered Hibachi Chicken because they would cook it in front of me. It came with appetizers. My choices for appetizers were salad or soup. I chose the miso soup. I like it because it has tofu in it and onions. We got sushi for our appetizer also -- there was a lot of different kinds of rolls. I liked the sushi.

Then the chef came. He put sauce in our bowls. Then he asked me if I wanted to see a big fire flame. And I said yes! So he put some cooking oil on and then he lighted it and it made a gigantic flame! Bo thought it was cool, too, because, you know, he likes fire.

Then he made some eggs. He flipped an egg into my mouth, but it didn't go in that time. So he tried again. And he flipped it and it landed right in my mouth and I ate it. Everybody at the table got an egg flipped into their mouth, except Bo. He didn't want to do it because he doesn't like eggs.

Then he made the rice. He mixed it up with the eggs and he put it on our plates. Then he made the stove hot and he threw on the vegetables. He used onions to make an onion volcano. He cut the onion into onion rings and he stacked them on top of each other. It looked like a volcano. Then he put some cooking oil inside and he made it light and it made a big flame. And then he cut them up and it made an onion island. And then he put them on our plates. Then he made our chicken and shrimp and steak and scallops. Then he put that on our plates and we ate it.

I thought the food tasted good -- it tasted spicy when I put the sauce on. The chicken was good. The whole plate was also colorful because of the rice and the vegetables. And that's all.

Restaurant Rating: Thumbs Up!
You should go to the Fuji restaurant in Ames, Iowa. You should go there because they cook the food right in front of you and you'll see an onion volcano!
Just Add an "A" to American
February 17, 2012
Today we went to Americana. I went there for a fieldtrip one time. I learned that the cooler was gigantic. They keep big products in the cooler. They had a Justin Bieber sign to keep you company when you are having a bad day. The building used to be an old cars dealership. This is a kid-friendly restaurant because they handed out magic sketchers to kids when you get there.

Our seats were upstairs. I wanted to be upstairs because I thought it was interesting up there. I picked out my drink -- it was Diet Coke. I didn't try something new this time, just my old drink.

I tried my drink, it was good. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger. When it came, it was gigantic! The reason it was gigantic is so you get filled up. It had onion rings, cheese, bacon, hamburger and I did not like the chopped tomatoes on the bottom. I smooshed it down so I could eat it. I took a bite. It was good. I took more and more bites. It was awesome.
 It tasted like a normal cheeseburger except it had bacon. The cheese was white -- it tasted like normal cheese. It was a better than a cheeseburger at McDonald's because it was much gooder. My side was grilled pineapple. I had a giant knife to cut it. I thought the pineapple was good. The reason it wasn't like normal pineapple is because it was grilled. I picked that side instead of french fries because it was healthier and gooder. Then I got full and we went home. And that's all.

Restaurant Ratings: Thumbs Up!
You should definitely go to Americana. It's in Des Moines, Iowa, by Central Campus (my school). They hand out magic sketchers when kids come. The food is much healthier and more delicious than other restaurants like it. See you next time!


What the Heck Is That?
Feburary 16, 2012
Today for lunch we went to the TNT Vietnamese Restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa. We were just out exploring to find a new restaurant to go to. I thought the name was interesting. I thought it would be super small inside, but it actually turned out pretty big.

It had a TV on and it had people on the news that did not like Barack Obama. My mom said they are republicans and they just try to fascinate people and freak you out. It was station Fox News.

We picked our table out. I set my hat on the chair beside me. We got our menu. It was bizarre because one of the meals had organs and heart and tongue and stomach in it! I did not pick that. There were two pages of drinks on the menu. I ordered Fresh Iced Lemonade. Keesia ordered Fresh Lime Tea. I didn't get my regular drink today because I wanted to get an adventurous drink instead of a rot-your-teeth drink.
Our drinks came. I tasted mine. It was the best lemonade I have ever tasted because it had a whole bunch of sugar in it! Keesia thought her drink was awesome too.

For appetizers, I picked Vietnamese egg rolls -- sauce, vegetables and meat were in the eggrolls. I've had them before so I remember the taste. It wasn't anything new. The sauce was good -- it was sweet, spicy and it had raw carrots in it. It was also sticky.

For lunch I ordered combination fried rice. And Keesia ordered something that had something else. Mine tasted like normal fried rice except it had a lot of seafood in it. It had scallops, squid, crab and shrimp. It also had pork, beef and chicken. It also had peas and carrots. It tasted like white rice except it was fried, which added more taste to it. It was a very colorful plate. The crab meat had pink stripes on it. I thought that was interesting.

Keesia's plate was also colorful. I advertised to try out the soup. When I tried it, I wasn't that big of a fan of it so I gave it back to Keesia. I didn't like it because I felt like it had vinegar and salt in it. And it wasn't a colorful dish. It was green and brown, not very colorful. I also tried Keesia's egg pie. I loved it! It had lots of egg in it. I liked it because it was different colors and the flavors were good. 

I was not able to eat all of mine because there was too much. We asked the waitress if we could have a box to put the rice in. And that's all.

Restaurant Rating: Thumbs Up
You should go to the TNT Vietnamese restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa. It has some very bizarre foods, like one dish has organs and heart and stomach and tongue in it! I thought the food was great, especially the drink.


Indian Foods Are Interesting
February 15, 2012
Today for lunch I went to India Palace restaurant in Ames, Iowa. When we first opened the door, something odd stood before us. It had stairs that leaded down, underground, and that's where the cafe was. (Can I tell them a tip?) Let's say if a police officer was wanting to go to a restaurant and he picked India Palace, he would have to look for the door. He wouldn't be able to walk through the glass. If he walked through the glass he would get cut up a lot and he would also fall down the stairs. Ow! Painful, I know.

So, we went to our table. It was me, my dad Shawn, my grandpa Dwayne, my grandma Belinda and my uncle Brian. I ordered Diet Coke. It's strange that I order it at every restaurant. But I really like it. Well, I got a plate at the cafe and I picked out my stuff for my meal. It was a buffet. First, I got white rice and then I picked seven dishes for my meal.

I picked Navrttan Korma, that means peas and carrots. I thought it was kind of good. It had potatoes. I don't think potatoes are good. Except for these ones because they had sauce on them. Next I ate Alu Gobhi, that means cauliflower. The sauce on the cauliflower was good because it was hot sauce. Then I ate Alu Chatt, that's like salsa with garbanzo beans. It was OK. Next was Mint Chutney -- it looked green, gooey and slimy. But when I tasted it, it tasted good -- sour, peppery and a tiny bit of spice was in it.

Next I ate the Papudum. That's a chip -- it didn't taste good to me. It was salty. The reason I didn't like it was because it tastes like an almond. I don't like almonds. Next I ate the rice -- it was delicious! I've had it before and it is awesome. It was white rice. Next I ate the Pakora -- it's spinach chips fried. I loved them! They were crunchy, a little sweet with a vegetable taste. Next I ate the Zucchini. It was spicy and I also didn't like it. But it's still good that I tried it. Next I ate the Naan -- the Naan is a bread that looked like a quesadilla. Except there was no cheese inside of it, instead there was bread inside of it. It tasted great! It was a dull white.

Next I ate one bite of my dessert because I was almost full. It was rice pudding. It tasted sweet. It was slimy. It tasted creamy with noodles in it. It was good. Then I stood up and put my coat on and Shawn asked me if I was ready to go and I said yes. So we went. And that's all.

Restaurant Rating: Thumbs Up!
You should go to the India Palace restaurant sometime because you can make your own meal. It is in Ames, Iowa. I hope you had fun reading it. See you soon on my next restaurant adventure!


Seafood and Mochas
February 14, 2012
Today me and my mom went on lots of errands. First of all, we went to a coffee shop. I got a mocha. It tasted like tea, except it was much hotter and more tastier and the cream made it taste like ice cream. I also got a giant cookie. It was chocolate chip. And it tasted like the normal kind. We were at Starbucks -- it's just a coffee shop.

We ran a lot more errands and then we had lunch. It was seafood. I got Diet Coke for my drink because you know I think it's the best pop in the world. For appetizers I got mussels. They were cooked inside of the shell and they opened up so you can grab the mussel out. It looked like a baby squid to me. I thought it was pretty gross looking but it turned out pretty good. It was kind of squishy, dull flavors. It was pretty fine tasting. I tried squeezing lemon and dipping them in butter, but the flavor didn't really change. It wasn't one of my favorite foods because my favorite foods are foods that are colorful. And the mussel wasn't colorful. It was tan and black. I don't like how it looked.

Next our food came. I got a clam bucket with sweet potato fries. Keesia got Hurricane Shrimp pasta -- I thought that was an odd name for pasta. Grandma Katy got fried catfish with french fries. First I tried my breaded clams. I put them in the shrimp sauce. It was delicious. I liked them because they are kind of colorful. They tasted delicious. They tasted like meat that was breaded and kind of had a salty flavor to it. I liked the shrimp sauce with them because it kind of matched their flavor. I tried the fried catfish. At first, I tried picking it up but it was really hot. It was so hot that I dropped it on the floor. I picked it up then. Then it cooled down and I ate it. It tasted like normal fish.

Then I ate one of my mom's gigantic shrimps. It was like as big as my hand! But I put the whole thing in my mouth and I ate it. I liked the flavor -- it was like, kind of juicy and it tasted delicious. And that's all.

Restaurant Rating: Thumbs Up!
I liked this restaurant because it was a seafood restaurant. You should come to the Waterfront Seafood Market -- it is in Ankeny, Iowa. You could get the sushi rolls or the fried catfish. And that's all.


This Could Be Interesting ... 
February 13, 2012
Today we went to El Rodeo. It's a Mexican restaurant. I picked to go there because I love Mexican food. Me, my mom and my younger brother went. When we first got in, we waited at the counter. All of us except for my younger brother Bo. He ran away. Then the waitress took us to our table.

We relaxed there. Then our appetizers came. It was chips and salsa, like all Mexican restaurants have. I usually get cheese dip but today I didn't because my mom said I couldn't. We ate the chips and salsa -- the chips were corn chips. They were fine. And the salsa tasted like a jalapeno because salsa always has tomato sauce and they put in cilantro and onions and that's what makes it really spicy. I loved the salsa.

Then our drinks came. I got a Diet Coke, that's what I usually get at restaurants. I always get that because it sounds like the best pop in the world to me. It is always fun to get pop at a restaurant.

 Me (above)
Then we ordered our food. I ordered a cheese enchilada with Mexican rice and a burrito. And my brother ordered two tacos. And my mom ordered fajitas. The correct way to spell fajitas is f-a-j-i-t-a-s. You pronounce it like this "fah-he-tah." I know it's strange that the way they spell it has a "j" in it. Just like how you spell "night". Night sounds like "n-i-t" but that really spells "nit". But the correct way to spell it is n-i-g-h-t.

 Bo, my younger brother (above)

Now I will tell you about how it tasted. When I first tried the rice, I definitely knew that I had had it before. Because I mostly order rice at Mexican restaurants. So that wasn't new. But I still liked it. It tasted hot when I first ate it because it just came out of the stove or oven. And it tasted like normal rice, except they added vegetables and more taste to it. Next, I ate my cheese enchilada. It was very good because I tasted melted cheese inside it. The sauce on it also tasted like a jalapeno. Next I ate my burrito. It was very big. And I only ate half of it. It had meat and beans in it. It tasted like beef mixed up with beans inside.

 Cheese enchilada (above on the left corner), burrito (above in the center) and Mexican rice (above on the right corner)

And I didn't eat all of it, but I was still hungry so I asked my mom if I could have a fajita. And it had onions, green peppers, tomatoes, beans, and chicken and steak inside. Those flavors were much more tasty than the flavors that were in my main meal. Because those foods were just white and brown. And the foods in the fajita were much more colorful and that's why I liked it so much.

By the time I got done with that, my brother Bo had only ate the meat out of his taco. And he didn't eat the shell. Or the lettuce. And we decided that we'd only give him one taco from now on at restaurants. And that's it.

Restaurant Rating: Thumbs Up!
You should go there sometimes because it is much better than a normal drive-through restaurant. The restaurant was very neat and clean and it was interesting to look at. And the waitresses were nice and the food came fast enough for me.
About the Author

My name is Mazy. I am a very adventurous eater. I am an adventurous eater because I like to try new foods all the time. Because when I see a food that I like, I really want to try it. And that makes me hungry all the time. I am 7 years old. My two favorite colors are translucent and red. I like those colors because one is really invisible to you and the other is easy for you to see.

I want to do this review because I want to show you how adventurous of an eater I am. And because I like telling people about when I go to amazing restaurants. You will learn about how bizarre restaurant foods can be. So you can try them someday.

My favorite food of all is sushi. I like it so much because when I first tasted it, I thought it was awesome. When I first eat sushi, I taste the vegetables inside -- either avocado or cucumbers, carrots. Next, I taste the rice -- the rice doesn't have much flavor at all, except for the seaweed part. My favorite part of the sushi is the meat inside of it. It doesn't have to be pork. It can be any seafood. My favorite kinds of meat is the shrimp and the lobster meat. I like the sushi with sauce on them. The colors look delicious to my eyes, too, and to my mouth. The colors are bright, dull and really, really bright. When I see the waitress take the sushi toward our table, when I look at it I try to decide which piece I'm going to eat first.


  1. Mazy,

    Why does Bo not eat the tacos and lettuce? How did you get the idea for a blog? Your blog is long. Somtimes I go to Mexican restaurants too and I order the tacos. I am looking forward to your next blog.


  2. My blog is so long because I have so much information to add to it! And Bo barely eats anything at restaurants. Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

    - Mazy

  3. Mazy,

    Maybe I can start a blog about art this summer. Maybe you can take me to one of the restaurants on your blog. Happy Valentine's Day, see you at Spring Break. Smooch! Bye Mazy.

  4. Mazy,

    I am a friend of your moms and I loved your reviews. Don't tell you mom, but it might be the best part of this whole blog!! I hope to try some of the things you had. One question for you: is it a requirement for foodies to refer to their moms and dads by their first names?

    Maybe you should start reviewing meals that you eat at home. Or share recipes that you help your mom make for dinner.


  5. Kortney,

    My next restaurant review probably won't be coming until this weekend. But you can still look forward to it. Oh, and by the way, I had tacos for supper tonight. They were good.

    It is a requirement to call my parents by their first names because if I just say "the Wirt", it would mean any Wirt in our family tree. My dad Shawn says he prefers that I call him daddy. But I still refuse to do it.