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Saturday, June 11, 2016

I'm Tired, But Happy

Well hey everybody! Greetings from Nevada. We've been in our new house for a full week, and it's so awesome! I'm sorry I don't have any photos to share today -- I've hardly taken any since we've moved in. But I promise I'll get some this week!

Whew, I don't even know where to begin. Well, first I should acknowledge that amidst all this fun and excitement, we unfortunately had a death in the family. My Grandpa Keith passed away late Tuesday night, after fighting Stage 4 prostate cancer. His visitation will be tomorrow in Panora, Iowa, with the funeral on Monday morning. His eight grandchildren will be the pall bearers. He was 87 years old. Many in our family are saddened by this news. I've told several people that he always seemed invincible to me -- working hard up until the final months of his life, when he was finally slowed down by the cancer. As a child, I spent many days and nights at his and Grandma Betty's farm. I think that's what I am saddest about -- that part of my life is now gone. The farmhouse will likely be torn down. Maybe it will be rebuilt, but it will no longer be my grandparent's farm. Last Sunday, I sat on the deck watching the sunset for the final time. I'd gone to the farm with my sister and our daughters to say goodbye to him. The girls played in the yard, just like we did when we were little. We drank wine and chatted late into the night with my aunt and cousin from Mississippi. I don't think any of us wanted that night to end because we knew it would be the last time we'd be there together. Violet and I drove back to Nevada, arriving just before midnight. And that was the end of an era...

I've spent the last week working from home a couple of days and working on the house. Violet started her new daycare on Wednesday morning, and seems to be adjusting well to it. The boys were home all week with me. They've been pretty good help -- carrying lots of boxes up and down stairs, sorting through totes of their old toys, helping with meals, and watering my plants every evening. We've made good progress, but there's still a long way to go. Unfortunately, we still have a lot of crap in our old house. Good ol' Shawn borrowed a truck and brought a load back today, including the head board to our bed! Our bedroom is in the worst shape of any room.... Doesn't that figure? I have great ideas for it, but I just haven't had the time to work on it yet. Plus, it has two big walk-in closets in it, but like every closet in the house, they need a lot of work to make them functional. Meanwhile, the kids all have their own rooms and we've even hung pictures in all of them! They're the most decorated, organized rooms in the house. And the kids love them!

We are also in desperate need of shades and curtains. Not a single window in the house had them and with these long days and late sunsets, it's impossible to get Violet to bed at a decent time. And I need closet organizers. And a new ceiling fan for the living room. And more pots for my tomato and pepper plants. And weed spray for all the thistles growing in the yard. And patio furniture for the deck. And desks and shelves for the Ultimate Hobby Room that Shawn and I will share. And another couch for the living room. And....  :)

Well, I guess I'll end here. I'm tired just thinking about it. Hope you all have had a good week, and come back soon for a tour of the new house! It is AWESOME!!!

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