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Monday, November 23, 2015

Vacation Day at Bass Pro Shop!

Finally, a day that felt like a vacation day! I slept in, took a leisurely shower and then the boys and I headed to Altoona for a fun lunch and afternoon. We were exploring new restaurants and found Max's Diner -- slingin' hash since 1948. It was your typical truck stop, which the boys thought was awesome. They were big fans of the sparkly red seats, hubcaps hanging on the walls and gas station sign collection. FOX News was playing on at least 10 TVs surrounding us so I spent most of our lunch assuring Mazy that President Obama is firm on terrorism, that no one knows for sure whether ISIS will target the US next, and that even though Donald Trump is leading the polls that does not mean he will be the next President.

After lunch, we headed to Bass Pro Shop for bowling and Christmas shopping. The bowling alley there is great -- giant shark heads for where the ball returns and fish hanging all over the place. We were the only ones there for most of the time. I kicked the boys' butts! Whoohooo! I love it when I beat them at a sport! It doesn't happen often, so I get to brag about it. :)

I scored over 100 points for two games in a row! That never happens! 

Poor Mazy couldn't beat his little brother... :)

This was early into our bowling -- when he was still smiling. 

Bo did MUCH better than Mazy today. And believe me, Mazy didn't take it well.

But Bo was sure happy about it. 

So after bowling, we went into Bass Pro Shop for the next couple hours. I got a lot of shopping done for the men on our list, and the boys had a great time playing all the free games in Santa's Workshops. It's so nice to be there without the holiday crowds. The boys played all the games at least 20 times, which suited me fine because I could leisurely shop and ask the sales clerks questions about fishing lures for Grandpa Pud.

Trying out the Red Ryder BB gun. 

Archery practice on the ducks. 

These stores are amazing. Between the aquariums and taxidermy, it's like taking the kids to a zoo!

Then we came home with enough time for me to watch an episode of True Detective while the boys played football outside. Good day. Great day, in fact! Now we are relaxing and watching the Turtles before Violet goes to bed. She and I have two days of work/daycare ahead, and then four days off again! I could sure get used to this.

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