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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Quarantined on Thanksgiving

Remember that stomach bug I was telling you about last week? The one that started with Violet on a Tuesday night, got Bo on Thursday night, and me on Friday night? Well, it decided to wait until last night to rear it's ugly head and come after Mazy. He'd been complaining of a stomach ache all day, but wouldn't commit to saying he felt nauseous. I wish he had. I would have put the puke bucket by him... Instead, he started for the bathroom but instead covered the hallway floor, walls and cat food dishes in, well, you know...

So, I texted my sister and said half of us weren't coming to Thanksgiving today, and then this morning we decided not to risk infecting all the family so we are all at home. I just sent Shawn to Hy-Vee for a last-minute list to pull off a Thanksgiving at home. Instead of turkey, we'll roast a chicken and make chicken gravy for the mashed potatoes. I was in charge of three side dishes for my sister's house, so we have that covered! We'll have kale, cranberry and goat cheese salad; scalloped corn and oysters; and candied carrots. Shawn is also getting the ingredients for homemade dairy-free pumpkin pie and checking if there might be a gluten-free dressing mix. I'm not hopeful on that but you never know.

I'm cleaning the house now. After Thanksgiving dinner, we'll start decorating for Christmas! I like to decorate the house and get the tree up one night, and then decorate the tree the next day. Then we can get everything hauled back down to the basement storage area and have a beautifully decorated house for the holidays!

Yesterday during my lunch break, I was able to reserve a bowling party for Mazy on Dec. 12. December birthdays are tough -- calendars are already so busy, but I wanted to do something fun for him. I think he'll enjoy bowling with his cousins. If we decide to do a party with his friends, we'll probably wait until January.

Another fun thing I've been doing with the kids is individual "date" nights. I started with Mazy -- we went out to eat at Applebee's  because we had a gift card and then to Barnes and Noble for book shopping. He picked books for himself and one for each of his siblings. Then a couple weeks ago, it was Bo's turn. We went out for Mexican and then to Glazed Expressions to paint! I knew Bo would love that, and he did. He was so sweet painting his ice cream sundae dish. I picked a turkey. It is our only Thanksgiving decoration!

Well, I should start cooking. I have a lot to do. Hope you are all having a great Thanksgiving. I am very thankful for this wonderful family of mine, and for all of you -- friends and family around the country who keep in touch and mean so much to us. Love you all!

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