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Sunday, May 17, 2015


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Can you believe it! After years of listening to me complain and stall and apologize and whine and cry and set goals, WE HAVE DONE IT! We have listed our house and it is officially on the market! Whoohooo! See, here's proof:

Big thanks to my mom who helped me with the final cleaning, decorating and staging so we could take photos. Huge thanks to my husband, my dear dear dear husband, my partner in procrastination, the man who has lost dozens of weekends in this never-ending project. Thank you, Shawn. We did it!!!

And I can't forget the three munchkins. They are the best cleaning crew we could ask for (well, sometimes...). :)  The kids have been real troopers, and I thank them for all the Saturday and Sunday mornings they have spent working on the house with us. And for the cramped quarters and limited space they've had in this house. Let's hope someone wants to buy it so we can find a new one!

I'm so proud of how clean it is. I'll share a few pics with you!

Last Friday, we all (except Violet) went to Mazy's culminating event at school and then out to lunch with my mom. The boys chose Buzzard Billy's, no surprise there. We had a nice time. Mazy did a great job explaining the spinal system to us. He and Bo had some awesome artwork on the school walls.

Violet and I attend nice Theron's birthday party on Saturday morning, which was super fun. Afterward, we all worked in the basement -- organizing, taking five boxes to Goodwill and even mopping the floors!

And today (Sunday), Violet and I woke up early and made banana date bran muffins and strawberry muffins for breakfast. Then I went to the art show in Valley Junction with Heidi and Theron, then came home and made lunch, and then we all went to Mazy's flag football game this afternoon. He did great! He ran in a touchdown on the fourth down, and while he was quarterback in the second half, he had two great long passes that ended in touchdowns! And they won!

It's been a great weekend. Can't wait to see what the week ahead holds!

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