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Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Weekend for Remembering

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone. After a couple hours of sunshine on Saturday, we had a gray and rainy Sunday. But it was the perfect opportunity for me and Shawn to go watch an early showing of Mad Max -- which is an AWESOME movie with many feminist undertones that will make you want to applaud Hollywood for once! Thanks to my in-laws who watched the kids so Shawn and I could go together.

After the movie, we drove around Nevada to look at a couple houses on the market -- Shawn has toured most of them, but I wanted to see them in person. He was right. None of them are for us. The only one we've liked is the Dream House, which is about $50K over our budget.... But new ones come on the market every week, so we'll keep looking.

Meanwhile, on Arthur Ave., only one person has asked to look at our house. (and they didn't want it) It's been on the market for over a week now... It could be a long, long summer. Oh well, it's been very nice to live in such a clean and organized house! I just hope it sells. We are all ready to move.

We spent Saturday at the farm -- we had a barbecue with most of the family and then I drove a van-load of us to Morrisburg Cemetery to take flowers to Grandma Betty, Great Aunt Ermadale and Great Uncle Gerald, and my great-grandparents, Alva and Angie Wirt. I really enjoy visiting the cemetery on Memorial Day weekend and decorating their headstones. It's important to me that my kids always take part in this tradition and listen to stories about those who have died, so they understand and appreciate their family history.

Also, a thanks to my parents who watched Mazy and Bo Wednesday night through Saturday. The boys were on break from school this week. Most schools in central Iowa are winding up their school years this week or next. The boys will go until the end of June.

Guess that about wraps the week up. We're home tomorrow -- planning to do some baking and cooking for the week, and then might head to the office for a couple hours to get caught back up on work. It's getting busy and I don't like to have big projects hanging over my head. I'd rather get it done and start Tuesday ahead of the game. Enjoy your extra day off, everyone! And don't forget to thank the service men and women who lost their lives, and are the reason for the holiday.

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