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Monday, June 1, 2015

You're Going to Love It at Adventureland!

What a summer we have in store for us! Season passes to Adventureland!!! Big thanks to my in-laws who made that possible. The kids were SO excited!! We got the passes on Thursday and headed to Adventureland on Saturday morning to get our photos taken and our official season passes printed. Even though it was cloudy and only 62 degrees, we had a super fun time! That little Violet is a "ride junkie" to quote Mazy. She is fearless! She often was scared the first time she rode the big rides, like the Galleon and the big water ride, but then she was quickly saying, "Again! Again!" 

And Bo rode the Tornado roller coaster for the first time! He loved it so much that they went again. And Mazy rode the Storm Chaser -- which is swing ride that takes you 250-feet into the air -- all by himself! It was so funny, he didn't have anyone to ride with and a pretty teenager in front of him was also alone. When she heard him say, "But I don't have anyone to ride with!" She turned around and said, "You can ride with me! I'm alone, too!" In about four years, Mazy is going to be so disappointed in himself for not taking advantage of that opportunity. She was a long-legged blonde, real cute. :) 

We played games. We ate the junk food. We rode and rode and rode. It was a great day! 

Bo far left, Mazy middle, Violet to Mazy's right

Mazy ate his first turkey leg

Bo was lassoed by a cowboy on stilts

Shawn had a very good time on the Tornado 

Mazy on the Storm Chaser

Bo and Violet on the ladybugs

Shawn and the kids on the tea cups

Little Vi ready for her first ride on the Galleon

On Sunday we joined most of my family at Gigi's Playhouse for niece Theron and nephew Hudson's birthday party. It was a lot of fun. Mazy had flag football so he and Shawn missed most of it, but at least they could attend for awhile. My sister sent home some barbecue pork for them for their supper, so they were happy. Thanks, Heidi!

And today it was back to work, school and daycare. I'm so busy at work.... I at least got caught up enough that I didn't have to work over the weekend, which was awesome. I am going to work for a couple hours tonight though. 

It's worth it to work hard now because today I booked a week-long vacation!!!!! Yes, a week-long vacation! The last time we took a week-long vacation Bo was 1-year-old.... It's been awhile. I booked a week at a lake house in Spirit Lake. Mom is going to join me and the kids, and then Shawn will come up for a couple days. Poor Shawn never takes a week off, but he's not really the lake house type, so it works out OK for everyone. :)

I really wanted to take the family to Cape Cod for a week to see my dear uncles. But I just could not afford that air fare. Flying as a family is so expensive! We'll be sticking to Iowa vacations for awhile. 

What else has been happening? Oh, tonight I called Grandpa Keith to finally start interviewing him about some of his family memories. He wrote down some of them and asked me to type them up for him. Since today would have been his mom's 126th birthday, I thought it was a good night to ask him about her. 

Finally, if you're wondering about the house -- no takers yet. We're having an open house on Sunday, maybe someone will come to that. 

That's all. Have a great week, everyone!

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