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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Surprise, Surprise: Still No Sign in the Yard

I know. I know.

I don't want to hear it! It's Saturday night, and my house should have been on the market now for two days.... But it's not. Our Realtor was sick, Bo was sick and the house wasn't ready so Thursday came and went with no goal reached.

But we worked our tails off today and we're closer than we've ever been! Shawn and I dismantled the den, painted the entire thing, and cleaned out every bit of clutter. I took all the paintings off our walls and packed them up. I painted in the kitchen, including the wooden built-in cupboard that was so badly scarred, penciled, crayoned and kicked that it looks like a new cupboard now! We even painted the ceiling in the dining room where the dummy contractor overflowed the toilet, which leaked onto the ceiling and has been an eyesore ever since... This place is looking good! And Mazy pulled 106 dandelions and weeds in the backyard (he was counting because he was earning money (10 cents) per weed. Bo picked up all the weeds, put them in the wheelbarrow and dumped them in the compost heap. Shawn went out for groceries. Mazy and I went to Gateway Market for Mother's Day brunch and picnic supplies (and a six-pack of hard cider...we worked hard today!). Tomorrow I'll clean more, scrub some dirty walls, keep decluttering and hopefully get this place ready for Monday's listing inspection.

In other news, my sister joined me last night for supper and then a fundraising auction for the boys' school. It's held every two years. I invited Heidi to join me last time, too. We hardly ever get out just the two of us, especially not for a night on the town! So it was really, really fun. We wanted to eat at Django, the French restaurant downtown, but it had a 2-hour wait! So we walked across the street to Akebono -- a great sushi restaurant. We had an awesome supper and a couple of Moscow Mules (which are becoming the unofficial drink of Des Moines) and then walked to the auction at West End Architectural Salvage. We just missed bidding on the first round of items, but were there in time for rounds 2 and 3. Heidi won a big basket of Stam's Chocolaterie items. I lost my only bid for Mazy to go bowling with his teacher. I just couldn't justify spending a bunch of money to bring more stuff into the house, or to spend my new house decorating budget! Sorry school! But I did donate many items to different gift baskets and left a cash donation, too.

What else? Oh, I think I mentioned that Bo was sick Thursday and Friday this week -- migraines and a low fever. It was weird. I don't know what he had. But he missed his school presentation on Thursday, and that's the second on in a row that he's missed for being sick. It's a bummer that he didn't get to do it and see all of his hard work pay off. Mazy has one next Friday that I'm looking forward to attending.

Well, I'm beat and frankly, we're not that interesting. So I'll say a very, very happy Mother's Day to my wonderful and awesome mom Katy, and to my supportive and generous mother-in-law Belinda, and to my two dear grandmothers Betty and Maxine who helped raise me and make me the woman I am today (and who I miss having in my life every single day), and to all my amazing and loving aunts Cindy, Jean and Sherie (alphabetical so I show no favoritism), and to my sister Heidi who is my best friend and confidante, and to my sisters-in-law Denise and Sandy who have helped me with so many projects and are always up for a good time, and to all the other hard-working mothers out there who are raising great kids who will make the world a better place. Happy Mother's Day!

My sister

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My boys dressed for literary character day on Wednesday

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