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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring Break, Birthday Planning and a Cold

After being healthy all winter, I got hit with a cold last Friday and was sick all weekend. It seriously screwed up my house cleaning/organizing/staging plans... But, there's always this weekend instead.

So, there are lots of things happening in the next 30 days: it's my mom's birthday, my sister is having her baby, it's St. Patrick's Day, the boys have spring break, spring starts, nephew Knox turns 1, it's Violet's 3rd birthday, it's Easter. Most of these events require at least some to a lot of planning on my part. So let the fun begin!

On Sunday, I decided to take off two days to enjoy spring break with the boys. We're going to Hannibal! Yes, that might seem odd to most people but I want to have a Mark Twain Getaway! I have it all planned out -- with some of my Marriott points I found us a room in nearby Quincy, Illinois. We'll spend Thursday swimming at the hotel and hanging at the arcade down the street, and sampling Quincy's finest causal dining. Friday, we'll head to Hannibal, Missouri, to walk in the footsteps of Samuel Clemens! On the way, we'll stop at Lock and Dam 21, for one of the most picturesque views of the Mississippi River (maybe spot an eagle or two!). Then we'll tour the eight buildings in the Mark Twain Museum system, followed by lunch at the Mark Twain Dinette, and then an afternoon at the Mark Twain Cave where we'll sluice for gems!

Prior to the trip, I will casually introduce the boys to some Mark Twain books and movies so they can appreciate what we're seeing. But, the trip will be a total surprise. They think they're going to the after-school day camp program all that week, and they're not very happy about it. :)

Since Violet's not joining us, I took off April 3 (her golden birthday!) to spend the day with her. We're going to get pedicures, get her a new dress, go out for lunch, maybe go to Build a Bear for an overpriced stuffed animal. It will be so fun!

There's a lot happening. Before I leave, here are a few recent images from our life:

This cracks me up. I was looking for a notebook in my purse, found a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one that Bo must have put in there. As I was flipping through looking for a blank page, I found this one... Apparently Bo was not very happy with Violet one day and used two forbidden words: sucks and shut up. That kid cracks me up.

Last night Vi wanted her nails painted. She picked pink polish, of course. 

This was her dancing to her favorite movie, Frozen. She's quite awesome. 

And this was an awesome lunch I had yesterday! Kale salad with carrot soup. It was at the new Scenic Route Bakery in the East Village -- I highly recommend it. 

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