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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We're Getting New Furniture!

So we are getting very serious about selling this house. I ordered a new accent chair and loveseat for the living room to replace the terribly old, ratty, shredded, worn-out, uncomfortable ones we have. They were moderately priced and a good quality. I kept them fairly neutral so they'll work in the new house, too.

Our new loveseat, minus the orange pillows

Our new chair, minus the blue pillow

They'll arrive on March 9. This coming weekend we'll continue to clean and start to pack up clutter, books and toys. I've been shopping online for the kids' future bedrooms. I saw a few things at Homemakers that I really liked for them....

I love this green bed for Mazy!

Bo would love this bed in the background -- lofted bed with a desk beneath it and a basketball hoop!!

And can't you see Little Miss Violet sitting on this chair (with room for her toys in the seat!)

I have also completed one of my items on the 39 List -- made a terrarium for my desk at work! Here's proof:

It has three plants, two dinosaurs and three little figurines from an extra Clue game Shawn had. It's very fun. 

Here is half of my desk space. Sometime I'll take a picture of all of it. 

That's about it for this Tuesday. I have client meetings the next three days so I need to dress up. Plus, they say a snowstorm is coming tomorrow. Dress shoes and snowstorms don't really mix... Maybe I'll take my boots with me. We're taking the clients out to eat tomorrow night in downtown, and I may be walking several blocks in the snowstorm....

And finally, a wonderful little late birthday present that I opened today at work: this awesome card from Bo!

39s are the best
But to make you a litoll (little) bit better but your are all ready magical

Bo thinks I'm magical. That is pretty awesome. He is awesome. What a great card! I have it displayed at my desk so I can remember that 39s are the best. :)

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