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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another Home Improvement Project, Another Sick Kid

This was a beautiful spring-like weekend!!! Thank you Mother Nature for sunshine, 50s and melting snow. We got a taste of spring and there's no going back now.

The kids and I went to my sister's house on Saturday to help her make some freezer meals before her baby arrives next week. The boys played outside in their big backyard and Violet had fun playing with her big cousin Theron. My mom was there to help cook and entertain kids. We had a good time.

Meanwhile back at the house, Shawn cleaned out our closet and fixed the broken rack and shelf. Then he rehung all of our clothes and put everything else away. That closet looks great! And spacious!

Today we worked on the house all day -- cleaned out the pantry, reorganized it, switched shelves with the mud porch, did laundry, planned this week's meals, bought groceries, and took a big load of things to Good Will. Tomorrow our new furniture arrives!

Also today, in the midst of the pantry chaos, Bo came down with something. He's been sick all day. I'll be home with him tomorrow until a brainstorm meeting at 3 p.m., which is when Shawn will take over. This is a short school week already -- spring break begins on Friday.

We also went on walks yesterday and today -- it was so nice to be outside without a coat. The neighborhood was full of people enjoying the weather. We still have a big pile of snow in the backyard, right by the door, but it's beginning to shrink.

Newly organized pantry photos! 

This is Violet's new dress -- I bought it at a funky boutique in the East Village. She would not stand still and smile, so I took what I could get. It's a super cute dress with red foxes! 

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