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Friday, March 13, 2015

Beautiful Weather, Healthy House

Well, after a week of every child in the house getting a stomach bug on a different day, I think we are all healthy and ready for a fun weekend of beautiful weather! This week has been some of the most glorious spring weather I can remember -- sunny, 60s and 70s, blue skies and it's not even mid-March! Believe me, we are counting our blessings with it. The last remaining bit of the big snowberg in our backyard melted today. 

Violet and I raked leaves for about an hour last night. We have a ton in the yard and need to get it all cleaned up for potential buyers. Violet was having a blast jumping in the pile -- her hair perfectly matched the leaves! Shawn went out tonight and bagged up seven bags for us. Tomorrow, we'll finish it up and clean up the rest of the yard. 

Today mom and dad brought a big wooden dry sink that Grandpa Pud made many years ago. Shawn and I carried it into the den tonight, where it looks great and will help conceal the kids toys, books and other stuff. 

This weekend will be mega deep cleaning, organizing, taking stuff to Goodwill and maybe even some painting if I get time and motivation. :) Why all the work, you ask? Because on March 23, our realtor is coming for a walk-through. It's time people! We're really doing it! We're selling this house! Whoohooo!

The beautiful weather has totally inspired us to get out and walk each night (except for tonight). Yesterday I reached my 10,000 steps goal! I've only done that once since January. I went on a really long walk at lunch time and even took a couple fun photos while I was in the East Village:

I decided to walk up to the Capitol and discovered some cool things. Like a huge granite map of Iowa with all the counties listed. 

View from the Capitol gardens looking toward downtown Des Moines.

View up the hill to the Capitol. 

And finally, we had an associates meeting at work on Thursday and I was awarded my one-year caricature: 

It's a tradition our agency does to celebrate your first year anniversary. The artist got my hair right but I don't know about those giant beaver teeth.... :) 

And that's all from us. Have a super fantastic weekend, everyone!

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