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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Goodbye 38, It's Been Swell!

It's my birthday eve. Tomorrow I will awaken and be 39 -- one of the drawbacks of being born at dawn is you never have the opportunity to countdown the minutes until your birthday. You just wake up and are older. :)

I have a great day planned. For starters, I'm not working! Whoohooo! No one should work on their birthday. In the morning, I'll take the kids to school and then head to a favorite coffee shop for coffee and breakfast, and to work on a presentation I need to give on Saturday morning and haven't started... My mom is coming by at 10 a.m. for a trip to the mall. I am in desperate need of a new winter coat and hope to luck out with some good President's Day sales.

Oh, while I am thinking of it, happy anniversary to my parents! This must be 42 years, I think.

Anyway, after shopping we'll head to West Des Moines for lunch with my sister, aunt and cousin. I chose an Ecuadoran restaurant that I've been wanting to try. It's called Mi Patria. It sounds delicious! Following lunch, we'll head to another mall for more winter bargains and browsing. There will probably be a coffee/dessert break before we say goodbye to each other. Then I'll be off to pick up my beautiful kids, come home to show them my purchases (I'm sure I'll buy some things for all of them) and then we'll make shrimp jambalaya for my birthday supper and eat some cupcakes and then open my presents!

Shawn was so sweet. Tonight he tried to do a very crafty project with the boys to make me a birthday present, but it failed. But! The thought is really what counts in this situation. :)

So, as I prepare for bed this final night of 38, I think I will try something new this year and create a list of what I hope to do during my 39th year:

1. Take the family on a week long vacation to Cape Cod.

2. Submit a proposal to speak at a content strategy conference.

3. Sell this house!!!!!!!

4. Buy a new house!!!!!!

5. Go to IKEA for new house furniture!!

6. Get a new bike and start riding with the kids.

7. Spend a long weekend with Shawn in Portland to celebrate our 15th anniversary a little early.

8. Get my sewing machine back out and start sewing again!

9. Decorate my vintage kitchen with all the fun items I've been collecting the last few years.

10. Schedule monthly lunches with each child to get them alone to talk about whatever is on their mind.

11. Achieve 10,000 steps or more on my Jawbone for seven consecutive days.

12. Treat the kids to lobster in our vacation house!

13. Show Bo the Bourne Bridge for which he was named.

14. Take the kids to the cemeteries on Memorial Day to honor all of our relatives.

15. Have a sledding day this winter!

16. Plant a flower garden this spring!

17. Make a terrarium for my desk at work.

18. Sign up for a knitting or crochet class.

19. Go see a movie with my husband and no one else.

20. Take Violet for a pedicure.

21. Ride the Boone train again with Mazy.

22. Watch Chocolat by myself before Easter.

23. Help Mazy do at least one blog entry a month as he's been wanting to do.

24. Send flowers to my mom. (Did I tell you that Shawn sent me flowers and wrote me a poem for Valentine's Day?!)

25. Have a baking day with my niece Theron.

26. Go to the What Cheer flea market with Shawn.

27. Make Violet the ultimate princess bedroom!

28. Find a new house with a backyard worthy of my boys.

29. Have a Lord of the Rings movie day with Mazy.

30. Learn how to make an Indian dish.

31. Perfect our homemade enchilada sauce.

32. Go back to the farm for at least one day of harvest.

33. Schedule a scrapbooking day with Mom and Heidi.

34. Make Bo and Violet their own tooth fairy pillows.

35. Spend the night at the farm and watch the stars with the boys.

36. Make cookies and freezer meals for both my grandpas.

37. Read through all the old letters we found in Grandma Maxine's closet.

38. Go to Madhouse Brewery and try the Henry A. Wallace beer!

39. Surprise the kids this summer with a day at a state park, a big picnic basket of treats and no agenda.

Whew. It's tough to come up with 39 ideas but I did it and I will have a great 39 if I can check them all off. Goodbye 38 and hello 39!

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