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Thursday, December 18, 2014

One Week Away, Eekkk!!!

This has been the best December in years for me!! I made a concentrated effort to enjoy this month with my kids and man, have I done it! I've had two wonderful afternoons with the boys. I took all three kids to Panora tonight to celebrate Christmas with Grandpa Keith, my parents, my brothers and Aunt Jean, Uncle Doug and Marla. We had a really fun time.

I took yesterday afternoon off, and had all of today off. I picked up the boys at noon Wednesday to take them out to lunch and to Bass Pro Shop for our annual holiday lunch/bowling/shopping trip. It's a strange tradition, but we sure enjoy it!

This morning I did some quick shopping, visited my former boss and then attended Bo's winter musical at 11. Bo sang! Bo did all the actions! Bo was great!!!! He's been so worried about this concert because he does not like to be in front of a big group. But he was awesome today! Mazy attended the concert with me. Poor Shawn was home sick all of last week so he wasn't able to take time off today. But the boys and I went out to lunch at Flying Burrito and then I dropped them back off at school for the final two hours.

I ran to Valley Junction to do a little window shopping. There were a few flurries throughout the afternoon so it was such a fun and festive time. It has been months since I was out shopping by myself without having to rush back home. I really enjoyed myself.

At 3:15 I picked up the boys, and then we picked up Violet and drove west to Panora to hang out at the farm for a couple hours before going to the restaurant.

It was a rather late night for the kids -- we got home at around 9:30. We put them to bed and then I spent about an hour wrapping teacher and daycare teacher gifts for the kids to take tomorrow. And now I am relaxing with Shawn and watching the very last Steven Colbert Report.

It's back to work tomorrow -- lots to wrap up before the end of the year but for the most part, the really busy work is winding down. I'm going to lunch tomorrow with Aunt Sherie at the Art Center. Friday night we'll watch a Christmas movie while we build the gingerbread log cabin that Bo picked out at Bass Pro Shop. Saturday will be Christmas at the farm!

Wow, The Colbert Report got an impressive number of celebrities and famous people to sing him farewell!

OK, a few pics from the last few days and then I'm off to bed:

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