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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Only Ones Complaining about the Warm Weather...

So, I know most Iowans loved the 60 degree weather today and I'm not complaining about it, but .... it really did screw up our plans today. For the first-time ever, we allowed Mazy to have a birthday party with his friends. We decided on an ice skating party at Brenton Skating Plaza -- a beautiful outdoor rink on the Des Moines River.

When we sent out the invitations, it was 15 degrees out! I remember thinking that the party might be a disaster if it was too cold for the kids... Well, the party was scheduled for 2 to 4 today. I got a call at 10:45 from the skating rink and they said, "So sorry, but we are closing the rink today because it is too warm to make ice."

So..... Eight guests invited, eight guests RSVPd for the skating rink, and three hours to find a new venue! I've always worked best under pressure so this was a challenge that I could handle. We had a family meeting to brainstorm alternative locations and came up with the Science Center of Iowa. I quickly emailed all the parents to announce the change and we got to work on Plan B!

It was a success. The kids had fun. We didn't lose any of them. Mazy got three new footballs and some other really great gifts. We really enjoyed getting to know some of his friends better, and spend time with those we know but don't see often.

Here's a gif of my favorite series of photos I took. The two boys in the middle are brothers, Cooper and Otto. Cooper and Mazy have been best friends since they met in kindergarten. They were in the same class for FOUR years but this year they were tragically separated and don't get to see each other much. Coincidentally, Otto and Bo are now in the same class as well! Their relationship started off a little rocky but they are now good friends. The four of them together are pretty hilarious.

And a HUGE shout out and thank you to Aunt Jean, Uncle Dougie and Marla for allowing our wild child Violet to hang at their house while we were at the birthday party. Violet had been looking forward to going to their house all week. She loves Marla! We all picked her up after the party and enjoyed an hour of visiting. Thanks again Doug and Jean!

This was Violet the morning of her winter performance at daycare. She was so cute in her little Christmas dress! It was a hand-me-down from a coworker, we have FIVE more Christmas dresses for her to wear. :)

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