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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It Was 50+ Degrees Today!

Cape Cod was blizzarding today, but Iowa was sunny and beautiful! I had a glimpse of what life in southern California must be like. I'll admit it, I liked it. I could get used to being outside in January without three layers of clothes, a hat, two scarves, mittens and heavy boots.

I took three walks today!! I took every opportunity to get outside and soak up the sun. The third and final walk, at 6 p.m. -- wasn't very sunny, or warm, but we still got the entire family out for a quick 20-minute walk.

So, sorry I haven't been around since before Christmas. Here's a quick recap:

  • The holidays were awesome. I loved being home with the kids for almost two full weeks. We loved our presents. We loved seeing our families. We loved being with each other, even when we were annoying.
  • New Year's was uneventful. Around here, that's good.
  • Bo and I had lunch together one day and it was really great. I truly enjoyed our lunch date and plan to do it again soon. 
  • MLK Jr. Day was uneventful. I worked. The boys and Shawn stayed home and let the DirectTV guy into the house so he could switch our cable. We finally ditched our land phone line. Don't call it.
  • Shawn's 39th birthday was good. Maybe not exciting, but good. We took him to Zombie Burger. We bought him fun presents.
  • Mazy's culminating event about "elections" was a success. He taught us all about the electoral college. My mom came down for it. She and I ate at Noah's Ark before the event. It was fun.
  • The Packers lost. We will not speak of that afternoon at our house.... 
  • I ordered a "Jawbone" -- a wearable device that tracks your steps/analyzes your sleep, they're also known as Fitbits and Nike has one. Anyway, I started wearing it last Thursday and I love it! Hence my excitement today at taking three walks so I could finally hit my 10,000 step daily goal. Each time I hit it, I'm putting $20 in our vacation fund for our Cape Cod autumn adventure!
  • Violet has her first ever performance on Thursday morning. We think it is a puppet show. She is the bunny rabbit. She wants to wear a dress. 
  • Oh, my cousin Jordy had a baby today! It's a boy -- Pierce! I found the BEST present for him today on my walk. 
So that's the update. Hope you all are doing well. Here are some photos from my blog hiatus:

Shawn found this castle thing for $2.50 during his thrift shop trip today. Needless to say, Violet is a big fan. So were her brothers... 

Mazy's electoral college presentation

Shawn's birthday -- Mazy was in charge of the photos

Another of Shawn's birthday -- again, Mazy the photographer

Shawn's birthday dinner at Zombie Burger

Walk in the Sculpture Park after me and Bo's lunch date 

Our lunch date -- we shared an awesome dessert -- berry/pudding/toffee parfait

Cute gif of Violet in the snow

The Hanson family grandchildren

Mazy on Christmas morning -- he got his GB Packers helmet AND a model train set!

Violet on Christmas morning -- she got her pink bike!

Bo on Christmas morning -- he was most excited by his Lego Arctic set but I wanted to showcase the dinosaur quilt his grandma and aunt made him. The original burned up in the van during last year's garage fire 

The gingerbread cabin we made on Dec. 21. 

There, now you're up-to-date on life with us. Have a good week!

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