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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Polar Vortex: They Weren't Joking

I hesitate to complain about cold weather when Minnesota and Wisconsin got a bunch of snow. So I'll just say that it's kind of crazy that I was walking around the East Village on Monday without a coat and tonight it's 21 degrees and flurrying. It's pretty cold!

Fortunately, the kids and I went through all the winter coats, hats and gloves on Sunday so we were prepared.

OK, so quick update -- I haven't brought my computer home from work all week and I have gotten so much of our Christmas shopping for the kids figured out now! December requires some super planning and I am strategizing the hell out of it! You should see my excel spreadsheet -- it is super impressive. :) I have the following information on one file: list of presents by kid with price paid, date ordered and where it's stored once it's delivered. I also have a list for the advent calendar, including special events we'll do throughout December and daily gifts for the kids. Lists for all the other people we need to buy for. Lists of homemade gift ideas. Mazy's birthday gifts and celebrations are listed. Oh, stocking stuffers are listed too!  See what I mean, it's impressive, right! It's a Google doc so I can share it with Shawn and he can update it too.

So that's the latest. Stay warm. Enjoy the holidays. Enjoy your family. Leave the computer at work and make time for those you love. See you later!

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