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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Look Out -- the Arctic Blast Is Coming!

Through Facebook posts and random weather updates on the radio, I have concluded that it's about to get cold in Iowa. What I have not figured out is why this is such big news... It's Iowa. It's November. There is nothing surprising about winter arriving, albeit a little earlier than we are accustomed. Oh well, it gets me in the mood for holiday preparations!

First, please congratulate me for sticking to my vow of not working overtime this week! Yahoo for me -- I didn't bring my laptop home one single night and no clients quit, the building did not fall down and things were just fine. So I am going to repeat it again this week!

The house is getting cleaned up, organized and we are all doing a lot more hobbies and non-technology fun. Shawn and the boys were up until midnight playing their game! Bo is still sleeping (it's 10:30 a.m.) and Mazy was recently sent back to bed because he was a grump. I don't condone them staying up until midnight but it was Saturday and we had no plans today. They are really loving this new boardgame of Shawn's and he loves having someone to play it with.

While they played, I got to work on some felt paperdolls I'm making for Violet and some of our nieces. I saw the coolest pattern on Pinterest -- the dolls are sewn to pillows and on the back of the pillow there's a pocket to keep their extra clothes. I loved it! The boys asre very interested in this project and asked if they could help design some of the clothes. Seeing their interest, I think I might make a felt boy for one of our nephews. Why should girls get all the fun?

Yesterday was the first Saturday of fall basketball -- Bo is on the Jazz team and Mazy is on the Bulls. Bo took one look at the crowd in the gym and went into his shy mode.... Poor guy, this is getting bad. It all started with the school presentations in early October. Then he was too shy to trick or treat and tell strangers jokes, and now he doesn't want to play basketball in front of people. We pushed and pushed  but he wouldn't join his team. So we all went back home and waited three hours until Mazy's game. Once Bo saw Mazy's team play and realized it wasn't nearly as scary as he thought, he said he wished he'd have played in his game. So I think he will feel better about it next week and will join his team.

I was so proud of Mazy -- most people on his team had obviously been playing basketball for awhile. This was his first time ever and he didn't know any of their terms and I could tell he was very nervous and self-conscious. But that kid stuck with it -- he's quite tenacious out there! He might not have known everything but he was a heck of a guard and rebounder.  He felt  bad because he missed the three shots he took, but they all bounced off the rim and were really close. So I think he will just keep getting better and less nervous.

Today we are home to do laundry, continue cleaning and organizing, and hopefully working on our crafts and hobbies this afternoon. I'll see if I have any photos on my camera from the week. Bye!

Shawn surprised Us Friday Night And Brought Home Four Fancy Cheeses For A cHeese Tasting Before Supper!

The vultures await their cheese!

Mmmmmmm, Four Delicious Cheese -- Aged Cheddar From Australia, An aGed Gouda From Englad, An Edam From Maytag Farms In iOwa aNd A Goat Cheese With Merlot From France. They Were Awesome!

Violet's New Mary Janes -- They Squeak When She Walks

violet's new pink and purple boots -- she loves thiem

Thursday Was Fall Fest At the After-School Program

Great Picture Of Mazy -- He's Getting So Grown Up

Bo with his yellow face paint

Violet trying on her new boots

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