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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Two Hours to See the Sights of Washington DC!

Had a good day at home with Violet today -- she's still under the weather. My parents came down and joined us for a trip to Bo's culminating event at school.... Let's just say he had a bad case of stage fright. I'll write more about that tomorrow. :) And I will show you some awesome pictures of his artwork -- he is a very creative artist!

But before I forget, here are some fun photos from my whirlwind night in Washington DC. We didn't arrive until 7:30 p.m., so I think we did a good job seeing the sites!

We ended the night with bison burgers and beer. Delish. 

I LOVED the FDR Memorial. It's so cool. It's a series of outdoor rooms that take you through his presidency. Above is a replica of his wheelchair. Man, doesn't that look so uncomfortable.... 

Breadline from the Depression years. 

This is when I decided that I could not walk in these heels, no matter how comfortable they were earlier in the day, for another minute. So I walked barefoot through most of the FDR Memorial. And it was glorious! 

Eleanor Roosevelt -- I am so interested to learn more about her now! 

At the end of his presidency and life, FDR shown here with is dog Fala. 

Fireside chat

This was the beginning of the monument, before he was elected. 

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Washington Memorial

Thomas Jefferson Memorial.
We had to park quite a ways from this one and walk over to it. On our walk, a fox came out of the bushes and came within 5 feet of us! It was a pretty big fox! I have never been that close to one and was quite surprised to see a large predator there in the middle of DC. 

Bummer, this is pretty blurry. But it's the Korean War Memorial. It's really cool -- a large field with all of these soldier statues walking through it. The facial expressions on many of them are heart-breaking -- so scared and and so young. 

Proof that I really was there! That's the Abraham Lincoln Memorial behind me, the big reflection pool is right in front of me. We visited Abe first -- and his gift shop was still open so all the kids got Abe Lincoln souvenirs!

Beautiful reflection of the Washington Memorial in the reflecting pool. 

Mr. Lincoln

More of Mr. Linocln. You can't read it but the state names are carved at the top of his memorial -- Iowa was on the rear side of the memorial that I didn't get to see. 

And that was it -- my trip to DC. It was pretty cool. I am looking forward to taking the kids there someday to see it all. I did buy all of us National Park Passport books that we can begin to fill together. You can get a stamp at every National Park for it! Have a great Friday, everyone. Also, way to go Packers! Nice job creaming the Vikings and making all the males in my household very happy for the weekend! :) 

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