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Monday, October 6, 2014

Three Work Days Until Vacation Begins!

Only three more days of work until I am off for seven glorious days! Whoohooo! I'll be off Friday through the following Thursday, and I can't wait! The boys start fall break on Thursday and have a week and a half off. Little Miss Violet just had a full week of "vacation" as she battled two terrible viruses and finally beat them. She was back at daycare today. It was a longggg week, especially for Shawn who was single parenting and dealing with a sick toddler.

We had an uneventful but productive weekend -- stayed home, did a ton of laundry, cleaned up the house, put up our Halloween decorations, cared for the sick toddler, went grocery shopping, bought cupcakes and a gift for a baby shower on Sunday that I couldn't attend, and I even went into the office for four hours on Sunday afternoon to get some work finished.

Everyone is very excited for our week of vacation. We have many fun events planned, as our family calendar on the refrigerator shows:

Vacation kicks off with a trip to the Omaha Zoo, visits to the Omaha museums and then the annual Wirt fall picnic on Sunday

 Monday is Farm Day, Tuesday is Train Day, Wednesday is Orchard Day and Thursday is Science and Sushi Day (and a quick trip to the dentist...)

Doesn't that look like a fun week! And it just keeps going. Oct. 18 is family fun day at my work from 10 to noon, and then we'll head to the annual Halloween Party at the Farm! 

Oh I love October and vacations and orchards and Halloween and fun times with the kids! I better get to work -- lots to do before my vacation begins. Have a great week!

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