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Thursday, September 4, 2014

And It Begins ... Football Season

The national anthem has been sung (by a girl who looks 12...), we've been reminded that the Seahawks have won their last 17 of 18 home games and now it's time for the kickoff! I think that's what they call it. In any event, the Packers are playing the Seahawks. Mazy and Shawn are very nervous, and Bo is very excited. I am blogging.

Our white bean chili with chicken was awesome! The key to a good soup is all the fresh fixins to go with it. We had everything, including those awesome finger limes that were insanely good with the fresh cilantro. If you see them at the grocery store, buy some! They are so great for a soup garnish. Just cut them in half and squeeze!

In other news, Violet started DramaTykes today. It's handy because they travel to her daycare and have the classes there so we don't have to take her to a studio after work or on the weekends. Her teacher tells me that the DramaTykes teacher said Violet loved singing and dancing and talked nonstop! There will be a production right before the holidays so we can see our budding entertainer in action. What a switch that will be from her brothers who will barely move their lips during school concerts, let alone sing outloud and try to be the center of attention!

Before I forget, happy birthday to my wonderful and awesome big sister Heidi! Hopefully she is eating sushi at a nice restaurant right now with her sweet husband Steve. I'm planning to deliver her present on Saturday morning.

Sheesh, something is happening in the football game. An almost interception or something. Whatever happened it got a lot of noise out of this crowd. Uh oh. Penalty against the Packers. Shawn is already cussing... It's going to be a long 3.5 hours.

Keeping with my new goal to snap a couple pics every day of our lives, here are today's:

Shawn's prized possession: The Aaron Rodgers Puppet

Muscle-man Bo

Dirty-faced and loveable Vi

Mr. Cool Posing in the Doorway

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