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Friday, September 5, 2014

Eating Out with the Kids -- Will We Ever Learn?

It started with Violet dumping the dish of salsa all over the table. Before I could react, she grabbed a napkin and began mopping it all over the place. That led to the first exasperated sigh from Papa Shawn. I don't know what he was sighing about, she was sitting on my lap!

The children attacked the chips and salsa like a pack of hyenas. It quickly led to fights about double dipping and arguments over who got the biggest chips and how Violet was hogging all the red salsa that was left after the spill.

About 7 minutes in, Bo knocked over his pop, spilling about half of it. That got another big sigh from Papa Shawn.

We hadn't even ordered our food yet....

Just another family outing to see if our children are restaurant-trained yet. Nope. They aren't. :) Actually, it wasn't that bad. We went to an awesome authentic Mexican restaurant, Los Laureles. Our newest adventurous eater, Bo, ordered the seafood ceviche -- avocados, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, octupus and shrimp. They serve it with saltine crackers. It is awesome. Bo loves it.

All went fairly well until we were leaving. There were 10 gumball machines at the entrance. The boys remembered them and took four quarters each from their wallets. Mazy was the first to put in two quarters, which the machine promptly ate. Understandably, he was not pleased. Bo quickly decided to try his luck in the VERY same machine before Shawn could stop him, and wouldn't you know it, it gave Bo the prize. Long story short, we lost four quarters but still came home with enough crapppy little toys to make them happy.

Now we are at home watching the latest X-Men movie for Family Movie Night. We have a fabulous weekend ahead! Tomorrow morning we're all getting up early, picking up donuts, coffee and juice, and then heading to the state fairgrounds where Shawn will go to the flea market and the kids and I will go to the awesome playground with the wooden train, climbing wall and other fun stuff. Next, we'll head to Granger for an oil change and then deliver my sister's birthday present. I'd also like to take the kids to Jester Park for some fun at Saylorville Lake. The weather forecast is PERFECT!

So get out there and enjoy it. I know we will!

Today's photo comes to you from Bo -- a scene he created today at the after-school program. He wanted me to capture it:

Finally, congratulations to my friend Sara and husband Jorge who had a baby boy today! Hi to my dear friend Brenda who called me with the news, and also suggested the three of us get together when she is back in the state later this month. I love that idea and can't wait.

And last but never least, a very, very, very happy birthday to my amazing and incredible cousin Logan who turned 30 years old today! She is beautiful in every way and inspires us all to love others and appreciate their contributions to this world. Love you Miss Logan!

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  1. Loved loved loved all the post...hadn't had a chance to set down and read this week. I sure thought about Shawn and Mazy Thursday night, it was kind of ugly. Logan had a good birthday - I was ready for celebrations to end, as I think was she. Last night they went to a church function....more partying. Today they are going to Mississippi College to a Hoedown that is actually benefiting Mustard Seed. I don't know exactly how money will be raised, but we take any contributions. Plus, I'm just so glad I don't have to also attend all these events anymore. Love that group home!

    Cody, Rachel, and Sam have gone to Ms State football game. Jordan and Bryan home because Madeline has hand and foot - or whatever its called. She's been pretty miserable these last few days.

    We just picked up our new dining room it. It's reclaimed wood - trestle table, seats 8, but could do 10. The store where I bought it will be getting in chairs this week. Those will not be cheap, but you gotta have em.

    Yesterday my car wouldn't start. Crap all over the battery which was an issue a while back. I do NOT want to shop nor pay for a new car at this point. I don't love shopping, and I have enough of my father in me - that I don't really enjoy spending large amounts of money. We have bought TONS of new furniture these last few months..and I don't want to spend. But, Dave said stupid to put more $$ into the 7 year old Toyota. We will see.

    Your weekend sounded great. It is really really hot her. Summer end.