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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rainy Day in the East Village

We woke up to a gray and rainy day. We're down to one vehicle this week because the starter burned out of Shawn's car, whatever that means. So we all pack into the van each morning and drop off the boys, then Violet, then me and then Shawn heads north to his work. It's not an unpleasant way to start our day -- all together. But it is a time-consuming way to start our day -- I haven't gotten to work before 8:30 since we started.

So on this rainy and gloomy day, I thought I'd treat you to a few pics of the East Village -- the great neighborhood in which I work. I had a hair appointment today so I photographed a few of the views along the way.

Here's the cool artwork that's being featured at my salon, Salon W -- it's a bunch of old scissors welded together, kind of cool.

The Village sits at the foot of the Iowa Capitol -- always a bright and shining view even on gray days. 

Here's The Opposite View -- looking Into Downtown Des Moines.

This Is tHe Old Teach Out Building -- Which Is Where My Agency Was Located When It First started In 2000. 

Look past the vehicle and there's my favorite coffee shop, The Village Bean Co. I visit them at least three times a week.

The proverbial Fork In The road.

My favorite stretch of the walk -- a Little greenway between two streets. There's a small grove of trees with benches that face the Capitol.

And here's my neighborhood -- we're In a very industrial area just south of the Village. My building is the big brick in the background with the blue sign at the top.
Just a little glimpse into my world. Tomorrow begins my week of travel. A friend is driving me to the airport at noon to catch a flight to Minneapolis, from there I'll go to Fargo. Meeting tomorrow morning and then back to the airport by 3 for a flight that will get me home at 7. Shawn and the kids are going to pick me up. We'll have the weekend together to work on the house and then bright and early Monday I'm off to DC for an entire day of travel. Meeting on Tuesday. Back to DC that night. Fly out at 9 and arrived back in DSM just after  lunch on Wednesday. 

So wish my dear husband good luck with kid wrangling and cooking and bedtimes and pickups. He's going to need it. OK, off to get the boys to bed and my suitcase packed. Next stop, Fargo! 

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