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Monday, September 22, 2014

91 Years and Going Strong

Today Grandpa Pud turned 91 years old. Yesterday we celebrated with a party at the farm with all the family -- his six grandkids, four grandkids-in-law, one grandkid's boyfriend, 11 great-grandkids and two great-granddaughters to be.

I always think it's impressive to see the people and lives created because two people met and decided to live their lives together.

Grandpa is a really cool dude -- one of the best. He is very kind, very ornery, loves to tell stories, loves to hear about our lives and children, always has a smile, uses fun old-timey words like "the pokey" and "scullduggery", is so very sweet to his wife, very educated about the world and politics and current events, and is just a great human being.

I am often impressed with how friendly and playful he is with the great-grandkids. They adore him and they all crowded around him yesterday when he was opening his gifts because they had all contributed to picking out his presentings, making him cards, signing thir names or just carrying the gifts in to him.

We bought him a 3-CD album of World War II music, a big box of Whitman's chocolates, two packages of circus peanuts (his favorite candy) and six bags of old-fashioned hard candies in flavors like sassafras and hoarhound. I wish I could have found the CD he was hunting for but I'll keep looking, maybe I'll find it in time for Christmas.

I also made desserts for his party -- a caramel apple pecan bundt cake with caramel glaze and Grandma Betty's chocolate cake with Grandma Maxine's boiled fudge frosting. I am of the belief that birthdays deserve homemade desserts and cakes, preferably those with a little family history.

So once again, happy, happy birthday to an amazing man and grandpa. We love you, Grandpa Pud!

Here's Grandpa, Grandma, Mom And all The Great-grandkids. For Some Reason, Bo Decided He dId Not Want hIs pIcture Taken So He Was Throwing One Of His Mega Fits. Notice Shawn Dragging Him Into The Photo In The Top Left. Violet And Theron Are Staring At Him, Mazy And Bo Are Barely Visible Because They Are Behind the Couch Looking At The Table That Bo Just Kicked Over. Fun Times. 

Here We Had All 11 Grandkids But Maddox In The Front Row Was Making His Escape. Shawn's Expression Is Much Grimmer. Hudson Was Beginning To Get Upset By tHe Screeaming Coming From Bo. This Session Did Not Last Long....

Grandpa, Kael And Imersyn Blowing Out Candles

Singing Happy Birthday to Grandpa

Mazy And Grandpa

Violet Helped Me Bake The Cakes. She's Not PIcking Her Nose,  She's Itching Her Cheek. I was Trying To Show How Much Chocolate Batter She had On Her shirt And Face.

Grandma Betty's famous chocolate cake baking in the oven

Violet Licking the Spoon

Helping Me Wash Dishes

This is my new favorite baking product, vanilla paste! It has real vanilla beans in it and i beans in it and is the consistency of a thick syrup. 

Caramel apple pecan bundt cake. It was a little lop-sided but man is it a good recipe. 

One more of Violet because why not? :)

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