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Friday, September 19, 2014

New Look for Modern Day Mama!

Do you like the new background and color scheme? I do!

The other day I noticed that I had a Christmas theme still.... Sheesh, that is terrible! How did I miss that? It was fun to create a new look tonight -- a cheery one!

So, it's Friday! Whoohoo! We just had a great evening with the kids. We took them to the World Food and Music Festival in downtown Des Moines. It was a ton of fun. If you're in town this weekend, you should definitely go. New this year, the festival was moved from its past location in the East Village to the Walnut Street Bridge over the Des Moines River. It worked but I am never a big fan of festivals on bridges. Things just get too crowded. And as a paranoid mother, I always fear one of my children will escape and fall over the railings into the deep and dangerous waters below, and then I will have to dive in after them and hope that I can rescue them and swim to the riverbank and somehow climb up the concrete sides. There's a lot of imagined stress in parenting!

Fortunately, none of the children escaped. They were all in good moods and behaved well -- excited to try new foods and eat their way through the world cuisine. We had so many interesting and delicious dishes -- I'll let the boys tell you about them in their blog. I will mention a dish I had from an Ecuadoran family that was AMAZING -- tortilla de papa, which is potato tortilla with pumpkin seed sauce, garnished with fresh onions and tomatoes. Oh my gosh, it was seriously delicious.

We listened to some music, enjoyed the beautiful and windy weather, and had a successful family outing.

Tomorrow the kids head to the farm for the day and Shawn and I are on a mission to get this house ready for a "for sale" sign! It's as good as it's going to get so we might as well see if anyone will buy it.

Here are a few pics from the festival tonight:

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