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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Everyday Life Stuff

It's been a busy week and just keeps on getting busier. Cheers to my husband for taking the lead on supper prep each night -- it is so nice to come home to supper nearly finished! He will be doing double-duty next week when I'm on back-to-back work trips -- two days in North Dakota and then a two-day weekend at home and then three days in Pennsylvania. I'll be racking up some frequent flier miles that week!

Every night I leave work, pick up the boys from the after-school program and then we go pick up Violet at her daycare. Almost every night when I get the boys, I find them on the Wii doing a Dance Off game. More often than not, they are dancing to YMCA, which cracks me up! Tonight Bo was challenging a boy to a YMCA dance-off and he not only scored 5 stars but he also won AND got the high score of the day. That boy's got some moves. Below is a very short gif that sort of shows them...

I also thought you guys might like seeing my view for 40-45 hours each week. It's not glamorous but I like it. I work in a giant warehouse building with no offices -- everything is wide open, airy, filled with natural light and gives us a spectacular view of the Iowa Capitol Building up on the hill above us. 

The photo below shows the area behind my back. The view is partially obstructed by a portable white board but you can see the old bricks below the windows and the huge wall of windows that goes around the perimeter of the building. About five feet from those windows is an active train track. We hear a lot of train whistles during the day. 

And here's the view from my chair. I use two computer screens. I didn't show you the giant messy pile of papers to the left of my screens. There are lots of pics of Shawn and the kids on my walls to remind me of why I spend my days there... I'll take some more pics soon to show you the rest of the office. It's a neat place. We're going through a huge remodeling right now so in addition to the trains we also have very loud construction noises all day long. It should be finished in late October/early November and then we'll have lots more meeting rooms, a brand-new kitchen and additional space for more cubicles since we are now at capacity and have a lot of open positions still to fill. 

Well, that's just a little slice of our everyday lives. Nothing fascinating but it keeps us busy and happy. Hope you all are having a good week!

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