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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Domestic Days at Home

Last week the weather in Iowa took a turn for the cold. As I dug through dresser drawers struffed with summer clothes looking for warmer outfits for Mazy, Bo and Violet, I realized none of the children had any fall clothes that fit them!

This is a rare occurrence -- Mazy always has plenty of clothes but he is so hard on jeans and pants (the knees get ripped after a month or two) that he had nothing left for this fall. Bo usually has a plastic tote full of Mazy-hand-me-downs waiting for him but he is now in the sizes where Mazy first began sliding on his knees and ruining all of his pants. So all he had were a bunch of sweat pants from last spring that are about four inches too short. And then little Miss Violet. We inherited a huge tote full of size 24 month clothes from my sister-in-law that she's been wearing for the past year. Over the summer, she grew a bit and now all of those pants are finally too short.

Three kids. Three new fall/winter wardrobes. One mom witha 30% off coupon for Kohl's.

Saturday was a series of shopping sprees with the kids. I started with the boys. I took them both to Merle Hay Mall and told them they had $125 MAX to spend on clothes. They were shocked to get that much money each, and they really enjoyed keeping track of how much they had spent.

They are good little bargain shoppers. Mazy bought two sweatshirts, three long-sleeve shirts and five pairs of pants. Bo bought five pairs of pants, four long-sleeve shirts and one sweatshirt. Together, with my 30% coupon, they spent $183. The only thing we couldn't find was a new pair of shoes for Mazy. His wide feet are very hard to fit....

We went home, showed Shawn and Violet the clothes, made homemade pizza for lunch, and then it was time for the Iowa/Iowa State game. Violet and I decided to skip the game and go on our first mother/daughter shopping trip. I was so excited to take her! She is very opinionated about her clothes so I knew she would enjoy it.

I took her to the Kohl's in West Des Moines. We found four outfits and a new sweatshirt for $83. She is much pickier than her brothers... She wants pink everything. She is in desperate need of new shoes, all she has are her summer sandals, so my  mission was to get her a new pair of dressier shoes and apair of tennis shoes. Kohl's hardly had any good shoes. She tried a couple but said she didn't like them. All she wanted was purple boots.

So we bought the clothes and went to a consignment kids shop in the same shopping center. It was a madhouse. A bitchy suburban woman and her mother were hogging the entire shoe aisle. They would not move so we could get by them so I glared at them and said to Violet, "Some people are too lazy to let you look at the shoes. I guess we have to leave." I hate used clothing stores anyway. I just hoped they might have some purple boots...

So from there, we went next door to a Shoe Carnival. There were four styles of boots for little girls but none were pink. I thought I had her talked into the brown leather boots with pink hearts but at the last minute she said, "I want PURPLE boots, mama!" I also made her try on 5 pair of tennis shoes but she hated all of them. Arggh, I was beginning to lose my patience.

So we went across the street to yet another shoe store (that's one of the benefits of shopping in West Des Moines....)and tried one last time at Famous Footwear. They hardly had any boots but tons of tennis shoes in every blinged out, rainbow colored style you can imagine. But, Princess Violet did not like any of them. All she would try on were the women's high heels and the little girls jelly shoes..... After 15 minutes of chasing her down the aisles, I gave up and told her she can just keep wearing her sandals to daycare.

We'd worked up quite an appetite so we went out for a snack at Culver's. We had a great time there, talking and enjoying the beautiful day.

My kids are so awesome!  I had so much fun with all of them -- from watching the boys try on their pants and dance around in their underwear, to watching Violet clomp arund in a pair of red high heels, they are all so unique and fun and wonderful.

Today I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry and cooking. I baked morning glory muffin bread for breakfasts this week. No-bake peanut butter bars for dessert. And a homemade beef pot pie for supper. Totally homemade -- from the crust to the broth. I have to say, I am a master of pot pies.

Finally, the boys and Shawn were super excited when the Iowa State Cyclones pulled off a last-minute win against the Hawkeyes. I admit I was quite excited by that as well. I LOVE shutting up all those obnoxious Iowa fans!!! And then the Packers came back to win their game against the Jets. Good football weekend for this house.

Here are some pics that probably don't need explaining:

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