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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In the Final Stretch of July

You guys, where has this summer gone? I can't believe I'm looking August in the face already. The boys start school two weeks from tomorrow. The Iowa State Fair begins next week. Sweet Violet will soon move into a new classroom at daycare. There's so much going on.

This weekend is going to be crazy -- it's my 20th class reunion, I am also co-hosting a reunion with many of my former co-workers, it's Panorama Days in Panora, it's the annual Hwy 141 garage sales, it's tax-free school shopping week, Mazy has a birthday party, my aunt Cindy from Mississippi will be in town, there won't be a dull moment.

Good news, they finally started building our new garage today! The boys and I have a list of 37 potential new homes for us that we've been looking at online. Once that garage is up, we are getting a sign in the front yard and getting this house on the market once and for all.

I was supposed to be in Fargo this week but a nasty case of Strep throat caused me to cancel my flight plans. I was totally down for the count yesterday but I'm starting to feel better today. I'm working from home and enjoying the sounds of hammering and sawing, knowing that garage is on its way!

Guess I better get back to work. I'm behind this week with no end in sight. Happy Tuesday!

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