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Friday, August 29, 2014

So Long Summer

It's so cliche to write, but I will anyway: where did summer go? I cannot believe this is Labor Day weekend! Today was the last day to enjoy summer flex hours at work so I took advantage of it and left at noon. Lots of weekend plans -- farm, working on the house and visiting Shawn's parents on Monday.

Uncle Doug, believe it or not, once this weekend is over our house should be ready for a for sale sign! I know you've long doubted that it would ever happen but dang it, it is! :)

One of my good friends is moving into a new house this weekend and she totally motivated me to get ours on the market. I have been looking at houses all summer and have a favorite list with about 40 on it so I am very confident that when someone buys ours we will have plenty of great options from which to choose.

Clearly I've been a blogging slacker this summer -- many reasons but one was technology caused. My trusty old laptop that I bought used from my former employer for $100 is crippling along and so slow that I can hardly stand to use it. But this week I had a brilliant idea to use my tablet with it's little keyboard to blog. It's working like a charm! So I am hoping to get back into a regular routine.

Here are some recent photos to catch you up on our comings and goings:

(My apologies for the funk capitalizing in the following entries. I haven't mastered my technology yet.)

Sweet girl on her first day of 2-year-old preschool, she chose the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack.

Bathing beauty in the bathtub with her four TMNT turtle soap containers...

Last Weekend Was The Annual Buddy Walk To Raise Money For Gigi's playhouse. Here's Grandma Katy With A Few Of The Grandsons Who Attended. They Were dancing To the
 Gangnam Song... 

Halfway Through the Walk Theron Wiped Out In A Mudpuddle Causing Quite A Commotion As People Rushed To Her Aid. I Took Photos. ;)

The Man of the hour -- Hudson, leading his team of walkers and supporters.

This photo Cracks Me Up -- Kael Was Striking a very Interesting Pose. 

Jenny insisted On A Selfie with me.... I hate Selfies. 

Uncle D waiting for the walk to begin. 

I Don't Know If This Will Work, But Google+ Is Always Doing Funky Things With my Photos, Including Making little Gifs Like This Of Mazy's First Day Of 4th grade photo.

ANd this amusing one of the two of them on the first day of school. They were ninjas. 

Our fourth grader. 

Our first grader. 

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  1. I had written a long long comment, and it didn't post!!! Dang it. Anyway enjoyed seeing pictures and comments. Really really want your house to sell asap - know your family will be so happy for a bigger home. Have fun at the farm drink a cold beverage for all of us here.