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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rainy Afternoon in Des Moines

Well, it's been kind of a bust for the annual Des Moines Art Festival this weekend. It kicked off Friday and goes through today and I think it's rained every one of those days. Which is such a bummer -- there is some really nice art and I am sure it is hard for the artists to keep things dry. I wonder if they're just calling it a weekend and going home early.

Shawn just dropped Bo off at Aunt Jean's -- he and Marla were going to go swimming but I wonder if the downpour I'm watching through the window right now has changed their plans.

Violet is up napping. Mazy and I are hanging in the living room -- he's watching a Packers show, I think it's the 2010 Super Bowl victory. I tried to talk him into a movie but he's Packer crazy today. So I thought it was a nice chance to blog.

What's been happening?

I sent three bags of donation shoes and clothes with Shawn when he dropped off Bo. It's nice to get those out of my closet and out of the kids' closet! We are back on our mission to get this house sold and move into another one! Whoohooo! Don't you wish you had a dollar for every time I wrote that?  ;)

Last week, the builder delivered a big pallet of bricks to our house. I guess that means they will be starting construction soon. We borrowed a power washer and Shawn bought some "green" grease solvent so we can power wash the concrete slab and get it ready for the builders. So excited to get a garage!

Getting plans together for the 4th. Yankee Doodle Pops on Thursday night. Debating whether to leave Vi home with Shawn or take her with me and the boys. She's such a crowd pleaser but I will spend the entire evening chasing her around... I'll have to give that a little more thought. On the 4th, we'll go to the farm with much of the family. Maybe we'll get out there early enough to take the kids to the parade in Yale. That's kind of fun to do, depending on the weather.

I guess that's the latest from us. Looking forward to a three-day weekend. Work has been incredibly busy and crazy, but still really great. Clients are responding well to my content strategy process and that's exciting to see happen. Bye y'all!

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