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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to Bo!

Six years ago this day, I gave birth to a beautiful, blue-eyed little boy. He's sweet, he's kind, he's funny, he's sensitive, and he's a joy to have in our family. Happy birthday, Bo!

If I was organized, I'd have photos downloaded from the weekend where we celebrated his birthday twice. But I don't. Yet. But I will. Soon. 

Bo is the ideal birthday boy. I could not ask for him to be more enthusiastic, more grateful and more excited about his party, his gifts, his guests and the celebration. It's awesome! You never have to worry about Bo looking disappointed about a gift or complaining about a gift (those kids drive me nuts...). He's very appreciative for everything and I think that's great. 

Today the poor guy went to summer camp with his brother and sister. I typically take their birthdays off to celebrate but we've had so much celebrating in the past six days that I thought he'd enjoy it more if we waited until mid-July to take a day off and do something fun. He's already said Mazy can join us. And our little lawyer boy Mazy has already started making his case for what HE wants to do on Bo's birthday. :)  And good ol' Bo will probably do it. For as much as they fight, those brothers also enjoy spending time together and experiencing new things with each other. 

While we're on birthdays, I cannot forget to say Happy Birthday, Auntie Jean!!!! I love that she and Bo share a birthday -- two of my favorite personalities in the family. 


In other news, the three cats in this house are not exactly friends. The little kitty is a trouble maker. She's as cute as can be but she's a fighter. I suppose they will all work it out eventually. Or not.... 

Garage update! No, it's not done. It's not started but I had a call today that the builder received the downpayment check from insurance so now we're on the schedule. We're also on the siding replacement list. Last week he left me a message that he had one more job to do before us. I suppose they will all show up on the same day... Oh well, that's their problem, not mine.

Can you believe June is nearly over? The boys just got out of school less than a week ago so it seems like summer just started for us. I wish they could have summer off.... To be lazy at home. To sleep in. To spend every day outdoors -- running around and playing and fighting and getting sweaty and making up awesome games, visiting grandparents, swimming in the afternoons, just enjoying summer. Ah, modern families. It's not in the cards for us. 

Well my friends, it's getting late so I better sign off. Have a great week!

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