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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

She's Alive! .... Uh oh, This Is Awkward

After work and picking up the rugrats today, we pulled into the driveway and parked the van. In typical fashion, the boys exploded from the van and raced to house. I heard Mazy shout and looked in the rearview mirror just in time to see a black and white streak jump down from a stack of plastic totes by the house.

The prodigal kitty had returned!

Resurrected from the dead, returned from the grave, MIA no longer, after three long weeks, Zoey is back!

Awww crap, this is awkward.

Zoey meet your replacement Pixie -- she's cute, young and everything you hate in another cat.

Poor ZoZo returned dirty, skinny, bony and hungry. She must have lost a third of her body weight. You can feel every bone. I don't know where she's been but it must not have been pleasant. We're glad she's home. However, I'm not so thrilled about having three cats... Three cats is a lot. Three cats is getting into weird cat lady territory. Three cats plus five humans in a two bedroom house is not a good scenario...

She's back!
Zoey relaxing on the couch on her favorite flannel quilt.

The replacement kitty.
She's pretty cute, isn't she? Pixie has declared Shawn's lap HER territory.

When we adopted Pixie, they sent her home in this big pet crate. One afternoon, Violet crawled in there with a book, closed the door and preceded to read to herself! She thought it was the best play area in the house. We thought it was hilarious. The crate has since been returned to the Animal Rescue League, much to Violet's dismay. 

Well that's the news of today. Hope you had a good Wednesday, too!

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