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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Welcome, Pixie, to the Family

Shawn and the boys visited the Animal Rescue League on Saturday and brought home a fluffy, long-haired calico, 6-month-old fur ball that we named Pixie. She is a pretty cute little cat and very loving. She even tolerates Violet, who greets her every single time by grabbing her around her neck and picking her up while jabbering a mile a minute.

Right now she lives on the front porch and is only allowed in for a few hours, while Twinkie, our other cat is sent to the porch. The shelter advised us to slowly introduce them to one another. In the past we never heeded the advice, assuming, "What's the worst that can happen?" Well, let me tell you -- the worst that can happen is the cats become lifelong enemies, hissing at one another whenever they are near. We know. We did it three times.... But apparently the fourth time was when we learned our lesson! I'll let you know if it works.

Mazy is particularly happy to have a new kitty, though he is showing a lot of attention to his other cat as well. Bo thinks Pixie is "so cute!" He also wants to make some gravestones for the Zoey memorial garden.

OK, enough about cats. We had a good weekend -- Mazy's team won both of their soccer games on Sunday. Mazy scored three goals in the second game! And he also hit the soccer ball with his head one time, which no one ever does in these games. I think it was an accident, but it still looked very impressive. It went the right direction and everything! Bo missed his baseball game because I accidentally took his ball glove in the van to Ankeny with me. He told Shawn to take him anyway, but he wouldn't do it. It's not like anyone ever hits the ball... Bo could catch with his hands. I'm sure it would have been a little weird, but those moments build character. :)

Sunday night we were at my sister's house for Theron and Hudson's birthdays. It was a beautiful night and nearly everyone was able to attend. It was a great time. I forgot my camera though so I don't have any pics to share.

This week is busy at work. I'm working through my lunch break each day so I can leave at noon on Friday. The boys don't have school because it's their final conference of the year. They'll be done with school next Thursday, the 19th. They'll be spending the summer at Violet's daycare in the big kids summer camp program. They really like Mr. Terry who is in charge of that room so I think they'll have a good time.

That's pretty much it. Oh, I've been tracking my food each day and going for a walk at night. Back to healthy living!

 Cute little Bo in his baseball uniform. Doesn't he look so small!

Shawn took this pic of Violet at the doctor's office two weeks ago when she had a double ear infection. Poor little baby. She's fine now. 

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