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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Joy of Parenting: Sibling Photo Sessions

There's only two outcomes to a photography session: good or horrible. Fortunately, our recent photo session with the kids had a favorable ending. Believe me, that is not always the case...

So a couple of weeks ago we went to Polk City to cash in a mini photo session I had bought at the Gigi's Playhouse Gala silent auction in February. We haven't had the kids photographed together in over a year, so it was definitely time.

The sunny day turned rainy just in time for our session. Of course. So we went to the photographer's awesome basement studio. Mini sessions only last about 15 minutes. It went very fast, which is good when you're working with kids.

We started with the three of them together. Don't ask me why Violet is already posing like she's taking a senior picture in the one below. That kid cracks me up.

After the group photos, Little Miss Violet Betty was up. Again, she had no problem posing for the camera. First a playful pose with her legs behind her.

And then a more demure pose with her hands folded in front and a slight tilt of her cheeky little head. Oh that girl of mine!

After Little Miss, it was The Middle Child's turn. As most of you know, I too am a middle child so I am particularly sensitive to Bo's status in the family. He is the only one who wears hand-me-downs and gets the toys and books his brother has outgrown. So it warms my heart to see Sweet Bo shine like the little star he is. Look at this handsome little devil.

Shawn and I are calling this one: "Boy posing for Abercrombie and Fitch ad." I'm his mother, so of course I am wickedly biased, but come on, Bo is so cute! With that brick wall behind him and his white t-shirt, he looks like a little greaser in a 1950s movie. 

And then there is Mr. Mazy -- first born, big brother, our responsible helper. He hates these photos, but I love them. His teeth might be going through that awkward stage and he's kind of a goofy on-demand smiler, but it's my wonderful Mazy with his face full of freckles, his never-ending curiosity and his constant stream of chatter and questions.

Another of Mazer -- he really wanted a haircut before the photos but I made him wait. Sometimes the barber really cuts it close.

The photographer sent me a few of the "outtakes" as well. Like this gem where Miss Vi decided she was going to show off her new skill: somersaulting. Notice she always has those brothers' undivided attention. 

This one was hilarious. The photographer told the boys, "Both of you kiss your sister on the cheeks!" And Violet immediately responded by covering her cheeks and yelling, "No kiss ViVi on the cheeks! No kiss ViVi!" (She refers to herself as ViVi, if I haven't mentioned that. She also calls the spring flower, the violet, the "vivi flower." It's pretty adorable.)

And this masterpiece was all Mazy's idea. After the session was over, he asked the photographer if they could take one more photo with Bo and Violet on his back. She said she'd never done that before but was willing to try. I can't believe she got this one because Violet was only up there about .5 seconds before she swung off Bo's back, scampered around to the front and tackled them both with a full body slam. That's my girl!

That's all. Hope you guys are having a good week.

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