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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Halfpast a Three-Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone! I haven't heard what most of you are up to -- are the Chews in Mississippi hanging out together? Are T & B on the Cape welcoming the first of summer's vacationers? I bet Doug, Jean and Marla have visited the cemeteries already. Whatever your plans, I hope they're relaxing and fun!

Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff to summer and to summer birthday season. Our niece Theron turned 9 yesterday and celebrated with a karaoke party with her friends. Nephew Maddox turns 3 this weekend and according to Facebook he enjoyed a trip to the zoo. In two weeks, nephew Hudson will turn 7 and then a couple weeks after that our Bo will turn 6. Our oldest nephew Kael will turn 11 in July. Little Bandy Jr. is scheduled to be born in late July. Nieces Irelyn and Imersyn turn 6 and 4 in August. The only non-summer birthdays with the grandchildren on my side are Mazy in December, Violet in April and Knox in March.

Anyway, it's a very rainy morning today. The boys just this minute came inside from a fun-filled adventure in the rain. They report they are "Soaked, soaked, soaked!" Fortunately I just folded a load of laundry and had clean clothes for both of them so they don't have to go into their room and wake up their sister who is not feeling so hot today.

Bo is scheduled to play his first baseball game today at 12:55. He doesn't want to play, but I hope they don't cancel it. We've already missed one. I will probably stay home with Violet while they all go, which is a bummer, I love to watch Bo play sports. He has some natural talent that I certainly have never known in my sports history. :)

Well, I guess Violet never went back to sleep so I better pick up this folded laundry and prepare for her arrival. Love you all!

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