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Friday, April 11, 2014

No. 984: Children's Place Sandals...

I just typed No. 984 on our fire inventory claim list. It was a pair of sandals from the Children's Place that Violet outgrew last summer. Sadly, I'm not close to finishing but it's nice to know I'll be in quadruple digits soon...

But here's happier news -- this morning the cleaning crew arrived and they hauled away every single last piece of burnt up toys, clothes, shingles, scrapbooking supplies, books, dishes, crafts and more. Hooray! Our backyard looked so awful -- the pile kept growing as we pried apart all the burnt-up boxes to photograph and catalog belongings. It is such a relief to have it gone. And as a bonus, the boys are excited to have a big concrete slab to play on!

We are looking forward to a weekend at home. We have no plans and I love it. The past two weekends have been filled with Violet's birthday party festivities. They were all super fun but ate away at our weekends and left us with a big pile of laundry and a messy house! I'm excited to wake up tomorrow and get to work. It looks like our beautiful spring weather is leaving us for a few days, which isn't so terrible since I have so much indoor work to do.

Besides cleaning, laundry and cooking, I want to purchase a few replacement items for the boys -- baseball mitts, baseballs and a bat. Spring baseball for Bo begins next month and he's anxious to practice. Mazy will play spring soccer. We replaced our soccer ball a couple weeks ago but haven't replaced our soccer goal. I'd like to get them their new bikes but we don't have anywhere to store them. I'm a little worried about them getting stolen so we might have to wait on those until the new garage is up.

That's about all that's happening with us. Hope you all enjoyed our beautiful week of spring. I'm ready for more!

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