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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Just a Hint of a Breeze

It's 79 degrees in our house. I'm torn between feeling really hot and being ecstatic that it's 79 degrees in our house!! We've got the windows open but there's nothing blowing through yet. I just saw on Facebook that Panora is getting rain so maybe the coming thunderstorm will bring us some relief. But we're not complaining -- today's weather was awesome! Sunny and nearly 80 -- fabulous!

After a hearty Saturday morning breakfast of waffles and bacon, Shawn took the kids outside and I got to work cleaning and doing laundry. The boys and I went to the annual Easter egg hunt at Union Park at 11. It was fun. Very crowded but a really nice event for the neighborhood. Poor Bo didn't understand what was going on. When they started, everyone ran out to get the eggs and Bo got mad because he thought they were "beating him" so then he stomped off in the other direction and missed the entire hunt. He'll one day learn that temper tantrums don't pay. Mazy found about 15 eggs filled with candy and little toys. They had a lot of stuff at the hunt -- Lego sets, stuffed animals, hats, all kinds of things! I don't think the boys understood the rules of a big race -- shove or be shoved. You gotta stand your ground with these East Side neighborhood kids... I saw a couple of moms bully a dad back to the sidelines when he tried to sneak out and get one of the bigger toys for his kid. These mamas don't mess around.

After the hunt, we walked back home and waited for Violet to get up from her nap. Then I took her and Mazy to Barnes and Noble to meet up with Grandma Katy and redeem Violet's birthday coupon for a free cupcake at the cafe. Of course we walked out with new books for all the kids -- Elmo and Sesame Street for Violet, Lego stage 2 reading books for Bo and a new train book for Mazy (from the adult section). Mazy is back into a train stage. I think seeing all his old Thomas the Tank Engine toys in the garage fire made him reminisce for his old train days. I've promised him and Bo a trip to the Boone Scenic Valley Railroad in May. We haven't been up there for years so it will be nice to take a ride.

Well, it's hotter than ever in here. Bo wanted to sit on my lap but it was like having a small oven sitting on me. If it doesn't cool down soon, Big Daddy Shawn will turn on the air-conditioner. He doesn't take heat well.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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