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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sweet Violet Is Two Years Old!

Two years. Two years that this little ginger-haired beauty has been in our lives. Oh Violet Betty, you are just the best!

This sassy girl adds a heaping dose of joy to our family and when Violet is around, life is never, ever dull or boring. She is so very independent -- choosing her own clothes and refusing to wear what I pick out for her. She is so smart -- she knows her colors, her numbers and she's learning her ABCs. She's so creative -- she plays games and entertains herself, she turns everyday items into toys, she loves to draw and color (often on the walls...), she loves to read her books to us. She is ornery! -- she chases the kitties and pulls their tales, she bosses around her brothers, the only time she is quiet is when she's doing something naughty, she screeches to be heard (and to get her way) and she steals everything she can from my jewelry box and makeup bag!

Oh Violet, we love you so and are so very happy that you are in our lives! Happy 2nd birthday, my girl!

Here's a look back at the first two years of Violet:

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