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Monday, February 10, 2014

Two Down!

Well today was a very productive day. We replaced BOTH of our vehicles! Whoohooo! How's that for progress?

Shawn has a shiny new old lady car. ;) I tease him, but it's a great car that is a bit old but in very good shape. It's a 1992 that was owned by just one woman who recently turned 92 and moved into a nursing home. Well, we like to think she moved into a happy, fun nursing home. In reality, I guess we don't really know. She may have moved to an address with some pearly gates, but whatever the case, we are very thankful for how well she took care of her car.

And then tonight, we headed over to Granger Motors and test-drove a new minivan that we ended up getting for me! It's my very first "brand new" vehicle! I am quite excited. It's a very pretty midnight blue. The boys got to ride home with me and they both said many times, "I love this car!" We are all so excited to have a new car! As Mazy said, "See, we're already moving on. We don't care about those burnt up cars anymore."

Tomorrow, the tow truck fairy will visit while we are at work and haul away our old vehicles. I am glad I won't be hear to wave farewell. Best to remember them as they were in their glory days. Poor Shawn had to go out tonight and pour hot water in the back of the old minivan to try and thaw out the pile of burnt objects out there. We needed to document the stuff and verify what we had in there.

After that, we need to get that garage pulled down! I haven't heard from the contractor who said he'd come out and bid it.... If we don't hear soon, we might have to call in some others. It's been so beastly cold though that I hate to bug them too much. No one wants to be outside in this weather.

I do hate that our new vehicles have no where to go but into the great outdoors tonight. They deserve a nice garage to keep them warm and safe -- as safe as our garage can be... :)

Mazy was very impressed tonight because we have FIVE vehicles in our driveway. He thinks that beats all of his friends. Never mind that two of them are burnt out and one is a rental that we can now return tomorrow. For one night, we have more vehicles than anyone we know!

I think that's about it. We didn't get home until 10 so the kids are going to be dragging tomorrow. They got to spend the evening at Aunt Heidi's house while we were car shopping. Thanks, Heidi and cousin Jenny, who babysat for several hours for all five kids.

OK, I think I'm off to bed. Another busy and full day tomorrow!

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