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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Things Are Looking Up

I had a super fantastic day at work. I led a 2.5-hour content strategy workshop with about 15 of my coworkers. I started with a presentation and then showed them a bunch of examples of my previous work and tools I use. People were taking notes and asking questions and getting totally excited about this new way of working. It just made me happy and excited. I love my new job so much!!!!

And the sun was shining today. I think it snowed this morning, too, but I can hardly remember. It does that a lot lately. Nothing significant and I think the afternoon sun melted quite a bit of it. 27 degrees felt like 70! It was so nice to walk outside -- slopping through the slush, feeling the sun on my face, seeing my beautiful new minivan waiting for me in the parking lot!

Yesterday they towed away Ol' Red and Shawn's Oldsmobile. I'm glad the minivan received a proper Viking funeral -- she deserved it.

Next step: finding someone to get that garage torn down... I've talked to someone twice, and he says he is coming out to give us an estimate but that was last week. I didn't expect him to come when it was negative 30 degrees windchill but now it's getting warm and we're getting anxious to keep things moving! This weekend we plan to do a lot of categorizing of all the stuff that burned up. It will be nice to get that process over. And then we can move on to rebuilding the garage and residing the house.

Guess that's the update from here. Have a great Thursday, everyone! And don't forget tomorrow is the final day to write your loved one a poem, make them a sweet gift or buy them some delicious chocolates.

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