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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Off to a Great Start!

I'm two days in to the new job and so far, so GREAT! Man, I had forgotten how fun it is to be new and fresh to everything.

So the job front is awesome.

The ol' homefront has been pretty great this week, too. I'm not going to go into detail as I don't want to jinx us, but let's just say school is going well, someone is sleeping well at night, I've been getting up early and getting breakfast made before I leave for work, and we've been cooking great dinners. Tonight's was good -- t-bones, roasted fingerling potatoes, sauteed spinach with garlic and cooked carrots. The children ate it without too many complaints, and those were about the steak... Only children can complain about a well-cooked steak.... But that Violet, no complaints from her! She ate almost an entire steak -- we think her cold is finally moving out and her appetite is definitely back.

Not much else happening today. I went to Walgreens over lunch to pick up some photos for my new office area. I needed recent pics of the kids and Shawn for my desk. I also bought some new earphones, packs of gum and mints, and some roasted almonds for snacking.

Finally, quick update on my New Year's goals. Bo and I spent an hour going through my fabric stash and pulling complimentary fabrics for the zipper pouches I'm going to make as the first Sew Crazy monthly challenge. He also helped me pick a colored zipper for each fabric set. He loves to look at fabrics! He was very drawn to fabric with stars, green fabrics and a very interesting red sunset print that he paired with a dark blue with white stars. He said for this bag, the sun was on the outside and the night was on the inside. What a smart and creative boy. I can't wait to start sewing this weekend!

I've also been sending my weekly handwritten letters, and need to write one tomorrow night after work. Will one of you be the recipient?!

I'm still searching for the perfect volunteer opportunity. My new job gives you 8 paid volunteer hours each year to use as you'd like, so I'm excited about that. I haven't scheduled my Grandma Betty dinner with my siblings or paella night for my Grandma Maxine. But I'll get them on my calendar! Bye!

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