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Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's Cold Season...

Most of our family has at least one cold symptom and Mazy has a full-blown case. The school nurse called at noon on Thursday to report that he had a sore throat, low-grade fever, headache. He's been home on the couch ever since watching a lot of movies and complaining that he can't talk. We're really all amazed to see Mazy not talking... It's so weird. ;)

So today we just hung out at home. Maze was in our room with me last night -- he coughed all night long and neither of us got much sleep. So today wasn't very productive, though I did get Shawn's birthday present bought after taking Mazy to the doctor. I also did some research for work. 

Tonight I made a butternut squash sauce for our pasta. It took a lot of time -- and it was only halfway good. Which stinks! Whenever I spend a lot of time on a new recipe I expect it to be good! There were a lot of leftovers so I think I'll turn it into soup for me to take for lunch next week. It was good, just not good on pasta. 

Well, this is kind of boring talk so I will get back to watching Iron Man 3 with Shawn and the boys. We're heading to the farm tomorrow so the boys can spend the night and enjoy MLK Jr. Day with Grandma and Grandpa. Shawn and I are working Monday and little Vi will be at daycare, but the schools are closed for the day. 

One last thing, we are having fun with our weekly fruit/vegetable delivery! I'm telling you if you're in central Iowa, consider Prudent Produce. It's great fun to have a fridge full of produce to find recipes for and we're all eating a ton of raw fruits and veggies with our meals. Anyway it's a pretty cool service. 

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