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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunshine Sunday -- Blue Skies and Sunshine Today!

Good morning! Maybe it's the new job tomorrow, maybe it's waking up early with Violet and watching the sun rise, maybe it's everything combined, but today is off to one hell of a great start!

As I mentioned, I woke up early with Violet and enjoyed a couple hours alone with her downstairs. The house was all cleaned up so I didn't have any nagging messes staring me down. It was just wonderful.

Side note: Last night at about 8:30, I got a text from Violet's favorite daycare teacher asking where we lived... I should have known better than to answer it. When I told her our location, the phone immediately rang and I was asked, "Hey, we're at the Lil Scholars Christmas party and we're doing a scavenger hunt and we need to get a picture of a parent in a bathtub, can we come over?"

Me: "Now what? You want us to take a bath?"

We had about 30 minutes to very quickly pick up the house and make sure the bathtub was somewhat presentable. All of the children were in bed -- having been sent there at 7:30 for numerous crimes against their parents. At about 9:15, a minivan pulled up in front of the house and out poured what can only be described as a comically large number of daycare workers, slipping and sliding on our ice-covered sidewalk and stairs. We ushered them all into our tiny little downstairs. We knew three of them very well, the other five must be newer employees because I didn't know them at all.

The first scavenger hunt item they wanted our help with was a photo that had to show all eight of them in the background with two Lil Scholars parents kissing in front of them. So Shawn and I puckered up and got that photo done. The next item on their list was a photo of a Lil Scholars child -- Violet was in bed but we kind of cheated and held up a picture of her with the group -- it didn't state it couldn't be a photograph! Then the next item on the list was a banana. Fortunately for them, we had one lone banana left that Bo hadn't eaten. And finally, the strangest item on their list: a photo of a Lil Scholars parent in their bathtub with all EIGHT of the workers surrounding them.... We quietly trooped up the stairs to our little bathroom, crowded everyone into it and took a photo. Miraculously, all of this commotion and excitement did not wake up the children who were asleep in the room next door.

I'm anxious to hear if that team won the scavenger hunt. When they left us, they were on the lookout for another daycare facility (there happens to be one just a block east of us) and an adult bookstore (we also have one of these relatively close to us as well).

Anyway, back to our sunshiny Sunday! Shawn went out for doughnuts for him and the kids (none for me, thanks). And I got to work on my cooking projects. Homemade chicken stock is bubbling away in a stock pot, Indian-flavored pork roast is slowly turning on the rotisserie and four t-bone steaks are marinating in the refrigerator.

Mazy is drooling over the smells. I should have shared the chicken livers with him, but I ate both of them myself. Breakfast of champions! They were so good! I sauteed the rest of the giblets for our stock.

And that my friends, is Sunday. Don't know what else the day will bring but it's been successful so far! And now a few random pictures from the past couple of weeks:

 On the way to the farm one day, we took the van through an automatic car wash. I was a few seconds too late capturing Violet's terror as the machines covered the van in brightly colored soaps and detergents! She was legitimately freaked out for a bit. It didn't help that the boys were screeching in the backseat as they pretended we were being attacked by aliens.

 As part of his birthday present, I took Mazy to the Hobbit 2 movie. There was a huge Lego movie display at the theater. If you look closely, Mazy's head is the Lego figurine in the middle of the top row. 

 This is a sight we see more an more as our little Mazy becomes a food-eating machine... I predict this child will eat the equivalent of a college education before he graduates high school.

 And my sweet Bo -- displaying the fresh juice he helped make a couple weekends ago. His recipe was delicious!

 A sampling of the fruits and veggies we let them choose from to make their juices.

Mazy with his green juice concoction. Next time, less lime. That juice was tart and zingy!

 Look at this little ginger nugget of cuteness! She was showing off her new monkey hat and mittens. We were on our way to my aunt's house to watch the Packers vs. 49ers.

Bo at my aunt's house, giving a thumb's down to the 49ers in a photo we texted to 49ers fan Grandma Katy. I accidentally cut off his thumb. But notice his other thumb hanging by his leg  -- beautiful green nail polish! He wanted all his nails painted over Christmas break. He said some boys have made fun of him but "I don't care mama. I think they're neat." That's my boy! My greatest achievement will be helping instill confidence in them so they feel comfortable being unique. 

 And this was at 6:30 this morning. Violet eating a banana and orange, and watching Curious George. Of course. 

 This one cracks me up -- I looked over and she had an orange segment sitting on her shoulder like it was a pet parrot or something. 

That's all. Happy Sunday to you!

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