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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Post-Holiday Cleanup and Organization

Another Christmas is in the books. It seems like it goes by so fast every year. There are always a couple of things I don't get time to do that I wish I would have, but this year that list was pretty short: no visit to Santa for Violet (boo!!!), no Holly Jolly Lights tour, no Christmas cookie baking, no live Christmas tree, geez, I guess there were more things than I remembered. This list is depressing me!

Anyway, it was a great Christmas. So much fun to watch the kids open their gifts and get excited over each one. Shawn bought me some wonderful gifts, as he always does. He is so thoughtful, taking notes throughout the year on things he hears me say I want.

Today we sent little Miss Violet to daycare while the rest of us stayed home to put away gifts, organize the house and play with our new toys. I always feel bad when I am home and she is not, but that little peanut is so very, very busy these days. We needed one day to get the Christmas tree and decorations down and put away without her helpful little hands in the boxes. Everything is put up. The house is full of new stuff but I'm finding places for all of it. We need to sort toys during break and get rid of a lot of stuff.

The boys and Shawn spent today building Lego sets. It was a sunny day, but they spent most of it indoors playing. They were outside for awhile playing with Bo's new bow and arrow set. They will spend tomorrow outdoors when we head to the farm for a sledding party with Kael, Theron and Hudson.

Now a few photos from last week when we had the first big snowstorm of the year:

Who needs a snowblower when you have this trio of workers?

 Fathers and sons who scoop together, stay together. 

 Mazy spends 75% of his time on the ground... He can find any excuse to slide, trip, tackle, jump or sprawl upon the ground. He came in soaking wet. 

 According to Shawn, the boys are both very good scoopers and work hard until the job is completed.

 Bo, unlike his brother, came in dry. I just love him in that raccoon hat. 

 The fall guy. 

 The big guy in his new hat.

Bo always wants hot cocoa when he comes in. Here he's posing with his new cocoa cup -- a portrait of himself that he did at school. So sweet. 

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