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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fa La La La Get These Kids Out of the House!

Well, it's official. We have reached the "how long does this break last because I am going insane and would rather do laundry than look at my children" period of winter break. Yesterday was the low point. They were all just awful. Awful. Awful. Awful. It was late afternoon, Shawn was out getting groceries and running errands, I was on day eight with the children -- they were fighting, screaming, wrestling, messing, and generally acting, as aforementioned, awful.

Violet, for whatever reason, decided to sharpen a stick and start poking The Bear every chance she got. The Bear, if you don't know our family well, is five-year-old Bo. He is typically our most happy-go-lucky child who has recently won an award from Santa for having the most cheerful and infectious Christmas spirit. But beneath that dimpled cheek, lies a sleeping and angry beast that is easily riled and thirsty for retribution. Violet loves taunting The Bear.

All I remember is walking into the living room, responding to a 911 mom call of "VIOLETTTTTTTT, YOU STUPID BABY!!!!!!" and seeing the little redhead -- teeth bared and blue eyes blazing -- as she tried to bite Bo's arm because he wouldn't give her any grapes. Before I could intervene, Bo's foot appeared from nowhere, positioned itself in front of Violet's stomach and with the power of 12 stallions, booted her across the room, where she landed on her back in a heap of red curls and pink polka dots, screaming for vengeance.

Well that was it for me. When Shawn got home, just moments later, I informed him that I "was done." And that I was taking Mazy to The Hobbit 2 at 6:40, and I was sorry that he could not join us but that I needed a break and that was going to be it.

He was not happy, understandably. We wanted to go to it together with Mazy as his final birthday present. We never get to go to movies together. So he's been fairly annoyed with me ever since last night. Don't tell him, but his annoyed periods work in my favor. He cleans and cooks madly to prove to me that he is the better person. Were it not for the arctic chill of his silence, I might pick a fight with him a couple times a week. ;)

Aaahhhh, Christmas break -- the best, and worst, time of the year. Hope you all are surviving it better than I.

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