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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Let's Hear it for the Birthday Boy!

This is far overdue, but it's a post to commemorate our dear Mazian Drake who turned 9 years old this month. While we are celebrating birthdays, the 18th is my uncle T's b-day -- so a huge hug and kiss and birthday wish from Iowa to him! I so wish I could have delivered those in person to Cape Cod. :) Maybe next year.

Back to Mazy's birthday. We had a great day with him -- his birthday fell on a Sunday which is always fun. We celebrated from morning until night!

He woke up at 6:30 and discovered a trail of streamers that started at his bed and went all the way downstairs to the dining room table where Buddy the Elf was sitting on a pile of his presents. 

Streamers on the stairs, as well as other assorted junk...

The one present he got to open before the rest of the family woke up was his tickets to the Iowa Energy basketball game. Opening day happened to fall on his birthday! As did a fairly decent snowstorm that left the roads a bit treacherous but very festive and white.

Present time! There was definitely a theme to this year's gifts -- The Hobbit. It began with a graphic novel of the book. It's a condensed version of the book and easier for a 9-year-old to read. 

And from there, he began opening Hobbit Lego sets. Starting small and working his way up to the big one. 

His Hobbit Lego tower. He also received a certificate to go see The Hobbit 2 when it is out this month, with the promise of popcorn, drink and candy (what's a movie without those!).

I liked this picture of Maze and Vi.

After presents it was all hands on deck to prepare for the arrival of my sister and her family for a special birthday brunch. Due to the size of our home (and of our family filling this home) we could only invite one family to celebrate with us. Sorry everyone else... ;)

Mazy and his birthday doughnut tower.

His cousin Theron enjoying breakfast and hot chocolate after they played in the snow for awhile. Notice her rosy red cheeks!

My sis and nephew preparing to bundle up and head back out into the cold. 

It didn't take Mazy long to dive into his Legos and start building. 

The surprise of the night was at the Iowa Energy game. I bought tickets for his best friend's family to join us -- Mazy was so excited! Notice the small crowd at the game... The weather kept a lot of people home, but not us!

Bo and Otto -- the younger brother of Mazy's best friend Cooper. It's so handy that they have a boy for each of ours!

That was the birthday celebration. We quickly transitioned into holiday celebrations. This week has been busy, lots to tell you but I need to go through the proper order of announcements before I do it. And no, I am not announcing I'm pregnant. Good lord, that is a scary thought. ;) 

Have a great week, everyone!

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