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Friday, December 13, 2013

Two Weekends Before Christmas But Here's Thanksgiving

Nothing like Thanksgiving photos in December. Oh well. Before I get to the pics, quick update of the end of the week. I had today off for a fun, fun day with my sister. We met in the East Village after my haircut appointment for a late lunch and then some shopping. It was fun to shop local -- I found the kids 2013 Christmas tree ornaments. I splurged on a couple of pedicure packages for my two coworkers -- I'm going to owe them big time pretty soon..... (More to come on that next week! Exciting changes are afoot!)

Not much in store for this weekend except a lot of cooking and baking! We're going to make some meals for next week and get some Christmas cookies baked. And we're going to watch a lot of Christmas movies, paint more Christmas ornaments, burn my new Douglas Fir candle and whatever else sounds like fun.

Tomorrow is the winter farmers market, which I'd love to attend. It may be me and Violet. Not sure I'll convince either of the boys to join me, and Shawn has already said he'd like to go to some of the thrift shops.

Well, back to our movie -- we're watching The Christmas Story, one of my favorites! And you know what is so cool! This year the boys are the exact same ages as the brothers in the movie! Mazy and Ralphie are both 9 and Bo and Randy are both in kindergarten! Shawn just told me that this is the 30-year anniversary of this movie.

And now here are the Thanksgiving photos:

Nephew Maddox

Maddox and his mama Keri

Niece Irelyn in a fancy party dress

Theron and Bo (Bo is wearing his raccoon stocking cap, it's a hoot)

Shawn cutting pumpkin pies

My brother Bandy

Love this picture of Grandma Maxine!

Handsome Grandpa Pud in his Navy cap

My mom's family: her parents and sister Sherie
Grandpa's smile cracks me up -- he's a total jokester and had just made us all laugh by crouching down real far to be the same height as all the women in the family

Dad and Violet

Brother Troy and his son Maddox

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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